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Bad foot!!!!!!

Hi all, went to docs, who's amazing by the way and used to work for fibro, arthritis etc clinic, she's uped my duloxatine to 60mg in the morning as that's the required dose, got to do that for two weeks in preparation to introduce amytriptane in two wks time, also my bad wrist is tendonitis , so then I had to go too town to do a couple of jobs, normal for any normal person, I'm left with a really painful right foot with searing pain periodically going through it, I was in pain walking but had too do my jobs so continued, was in town for hour a half !!!!!! Hardly a marathon!!!!!!! Bought a tens machine tho.

Hope your days have been without trama and too much pain

Regards nicki xxxxxx

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Hi Nicki,

Is it the foot pain mainly in your heel??

Plantar Faciistis is very commonly linked to FMS

I suffer regularly with this too..... I take naproxen , rest and use memory foam inserts




Hi ,no the pain is in the ball of the foot just By the big toe and radiates down the inside, I do have a lot of pain in my right foot due to an old tendon injury but I'm sure fibro has made things ten times worse as it never used to hurt like this, I can't stand on it now due to agreeing levels of pain, it also swells up often too, I was thinking maybe I should be getting special shoes? Xxx

Nicki xx


Hi homer I suffer terrible in my feet and ankles with Fibro, I soak my feet in warm to hot water and this eases the pain x


Yeh good idea, got to look after the feet haven't we? Xxx

Nicki xxx


Have you considered seeing a Podiatrist Homer, they treat disorders of the feet and can arrange for orthotics to be specially made to help your pain and to make your shoes feel more comfortable for you. This can really help with foot pain and the discomfort of putting footwear on etc.

If you click on the link below it explains a little about foot orthotics -

You don't need to buy special shoes, the special foot orthotics will enable you to wear sensible footwear with comfort, that's the theory.

Have a word with your GP about this and see if you can get as referral through the NHS, I am not familiar with this particularly, but this would be easier than having to go private which may be your only option. See what your GP suggests, I hope it all works out for you and you feel more comfortable really soon.


Thanks liberty brill advice il have a look on website, gona have to do something with my foot as its getting out of hand now

Kind regards nicki xxxxx hope your well


Just been on the site and found what I need and will order some

Thank you so much liberty

Nicki xxxx


Hi Homer I too have awful trouble with the feet. Do try and keep them elevated when you sit down.

I went to a podiatrist he gave me insoles which helpes but not cured. I now have a enormous right left foot size 8/9 6xwidth it is a monster and no one seems able to get it back to normal the othe foot is a 7. Hope yours never gets like this. Do take lots of care of your feet and I used to wear tubi g rip for support (no heels sorry) x gins


Thanks gins I do use tubi grip, best cure to stay of my feet but we know that's impossible, trying to loose bit of weight as that may help, I'm only size 16 but I'm 5 ft. 3, so a little short,

Have a good day, off to work soon first time in 3 weeks after A/L , but providing the children I look after are good I can chill and put feet up

Love and hugs nicki xxxxx


Try soaking your feet in a bowl of warm water and Apple Cider Vinegar. Or wrap a cloth soaked in ACV round your foot and cover with cling film. It can be left on for up to two hours. Then remove for 1 hour minimum. BE SURE TO DO A SKIN TEST PATCH before hand. ACV is very soothing and helps with a whole host of painful ailments. It's cheap too!


Thank u Cat, good tip ,off to work now so will do it when can, I like cheap methods !!!!

Nicki xxxx


If doing the foot soak you can use a ratio of one to one, or dilute the ACV by 3.


Thank you will do xxx


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