Bad night

Last 30 minutes in tears with severe abdominal pain, that bad have just took some tramdol to see if settles which i am hoping doesn't set off the vomiting again as had 2 good days with no sickness, pointless popping to a&e as ongoing issues and just tell me really need to see my consultant in York not much they can do for me just having too much feel as though turning corner then the pain starts again. Will try persevere till 8 then call my GP 😢

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  • I am so genuinely and sincerely sorry to read that you are feeling so ill again, and I sincerely hope that you can get some good quality sleep until it is time to ring your doctor. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken, have haf a good few days, just so hard staying positive but I know I can fingers crossed the pain relief kicks in soon and able to get at least few hours sleep 💤

  • Aww WEEme, my heart goes out to you. I hope the tramodol gives you some relief and doesn't cause you to vomit. I hope you get to sleep soon and when you awake it will be time to phone your GP for some well deserved help and support. Xxx

  • Thanks Mags x

  • Sounds like horrid tummy! Do you have any mint tea? It really soothes. Do grink lots of water :) HOPe it is easier this morning.


  • Hi Ginsing, Consultant said not allowed any herbal teas, especially mint, coffee, etc at moment been diagnosed with gastritis few months back but getting plenty water still got lot of issues ongoing still having investigations pain settled slightly but still sore enough to keep me awake will speak with my GP at 8 to be seen today xx thanks all xx

  • Bless you I have just written the coffee slot about water pop over and have a look.

    Hope it behaves Ginsing

  • Will do thanks Ginsing xx

  • Life is so hard honey we all get that but you got to fight on

  • Hi WEEme.sorry to hear you are in so much pain.i know where you are coming from with that and' ll need your gps referral to see the consultant wont you?

  • Hi Chocolate I am already under consultant and being closely monitored by my GP got an appointment for 10:20, next appointment at hospital not till 18th but been told if things flare up again or get extreme again gp can call them to send me sooner if needed. Xx

  • Hope the GP's appointment was helpful and that by now you are feeling a little better.x

  • Thanks Rosewine, he gave me some different meds to try to settle the pain and sickness have slept most of today only had 2 sick episodes with coffee like vomit said if the sickness is not under control to go straight through to York to be assessed as will need some fluids feeling slightly better after having some sleep xx

  • Hi weeme just wondered if you suffered with diareah or constipation ?

  • Hi Kath on and off yes. I now have answer to what was causing the pain, vomiting I have several partial obstructions in my small bowel and a hernia in the small intestine I am still awaiting surgery got an appointment for surgeon on 18th September so praying not too long xx

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