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Ground control to Major Storm


Finally I have a doctor who is wonderful and understands fibro. After a week of being glued to the mattress fighting a flare up, he's given me gabapentin, along with the sertraline and diclofenac I no longer feel any pain, I'm all floaty light. I think I'll take one at the dentist on Thursday - got to have a crown fitted yuk

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Morning Stormwytch,

Hope the pain killers are now settling in to your system and you float happily along sounds wonderful :) x gins .Good luck at the dentist

Thanks Gins that's later today and involves lots of pointy things that go whrrr. I'm having a gold back crown Id better not open my mouth where I live I'll get mugged for me teeth!

Crowns ain't so bad I've got 7 so far I know I'm gonna end up with more just don't know when as my teeth are crumbling ah whell such is my life if it aint 1 thing its another. Sithy

Actually wasn't too bad. I had my iphone playing a hypnosis for dentist video lol. My gum is sore today tho where they injected the novocaine and I keep catching it when eating ouch!

What is sleep and how do we survive.? External stresses do not help.

No wonder end up short tempered and snappie

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