seconds out round 3!!

hi all,just a quick update,as i said before i have put a complaint in against ATOS,have got my MP involved as well..i have had two letters from ATOS saying they are looking into my complaint and will respond in at least 20 working days,my doctor has written me a really good suportive letter and my mental health nurse has done the same.i have had a new date for next tribunal..end of next im hopeing that things get a wriggle on and the outcome is good!.has anyone else had positive results after getting MP involved?..i be back with the next instalment xx

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  • very positive, well done and good luck!,



  • aww thanks sandra,i apreciate that coment,im fighting this on my own so to speak,i am not being walked on and made to feel like a criminal any longer!according to the ATOS assesment i should have been in thr olympics!! lol xxxx

  • Bravo!

    Good on you for standing up to them

    I wish you the very best of luck


  • wow pond your story is exactly like mine. I am on my third letter from ATOS (please do read my postings) Yes I have also involved my MP and so far his office have shown an interest and agreed with several of my points. I am stuck at the moment with going forward as DWP have not got back to me (but Im letting sleeping dogs lie with that one lol) At the moment we are focusing on ATOS and the assessor. We are demanding answers on the falsehoods (tactfully not saying LIES) omissions and misreporting of the assessor at my medical. All stressful but does give me a purpose and like yourself I am definitely not about to give up. Even if I go to appeal and win it I will continue to demand to know what they intend to do about their assessors lying on these assessments. We have also been haranging the DWP. Also the BBC have become involved in this due to a lady sending letters from ATOS re her mental health problems and they had to backtrack on what they said to her so we are putting together stuff to send to the BBC for their attention. ATOS are being "OUTED" and the general public are beginning to understand what is really happening. I think a backlash will occur eventually but it will take time. Only by putting out individual cases out there can we cause this. Well done pond for your attitude and fortitude. Colleen. xx

  • hi colleen, my Mp hasnt been to see me,just took reference numbers off me,phaps hes well aware of the situation with ATOS!...i have recieved two letters off them in two days,i also put "fabrication" in my lwtters not lies" as you said lol,i went through the report and at first was just going to outline what i thought was "fabrication" as i read on..and on...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.oops sorry nodded off then! lol i decided to go through it question by question,as i couldnt believe my eyes!,so my complaint letter ended up 23 A4 pages long! took me over a week to do,as i looked into every medical termenology he used..........and I replied in a medical term! just an EXAMPLE!..UNEXPLAINED WIDESPREAD ANOTOMICAL..[sorry cant spell that!LOL]WIDESPREAD DISCOMPORT....i nearly peed my pants laughing!..i replied..I HAVE RA..FYBROMYALGIA..3 DEGENARATIVE DISCS [.NOT TO MENTION MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS]..SO HOW ON EARTH CAN THE FIRST THREE EVER BE CLASSED AS UNEXPLAINED!...ATOS cant just fob me off..i keep you all updated xxxx

  • I'm glad this is happening, ATOS are definitely not fit for purpose. I haven't been contacted by them yet, but I'm sure it will happen.

    Cheers, midori

  • hi ive contacted our councillor and hes contacting our local mp.the councillor came out friday and saw all my meds etc and was disgusted at how we are all being treated.hes going to write a letter and so is mp prob is its this weds the appeal so dunno if it will be done in time...

    good luck x

  • Good luck to you all! Have taken heed of all your battles as going down the same route with my 18 year old grandson. He has ME, and my husband is just starting out on the process. He is an above knee amputee, with a badly damaged other leg, back, shoulder problems and PTSD with fatigue thrown in for good measure. We have decided if they muck us about, we will sell up and move to South Africa. So they won't get any tax out of us!

  • Brilliant stuff Pond, my original dissection document of the "assessment" was 35 pages long. I copied and pasted every comment I had made everytime she had simple copied and pasted in her assessment. I like "fabrication" can I used that for future sparing with ATOS. Well done you, your situation sounds very like mine, I actually had my community psychiatric nurse in the meeting with me but the assessor apparently could not see or her lol. Please do let me know how you get on, who is coming with you to the appeal. I have fingers crossed for you. Colleen xx

  • hi hunny,,my son is comming with me,my welfare rights man is about as much use a chocolate teapot!! son makes an imposing figure hes 6ft 6in tall suited and booted,and he loves his mum!..he will look out for me..".dont mess with me" seems to be his stance...but we will going to fight till i win thats for sure!! who supports you pet? xxx

  • I having been seeing a lovely man for about 5 months and he has been brilliant. He's worked on all my letters etc with me. He's very calm which is a blessing when Im doing headless chicken impressions lol. I also plan to involve my CAB when it comes to an actual appeal (well thats the hope) as their statistics do seem to bear out that they are having a high rate of success when they attend appeals (something like 60%) I think. I have two sons as well though not as tall lol. One is in the army so not in England at the moment. But I know what you mean they do worry about their mums dont they. I have read quite a few people talking about welfare rights but Im not sure who exactly they are. Are the a government run service or a charity? I'm simply involving anyone and his aunt that I can think of into it, thats various MP's, the BBC and telling anyone that is interested. Apart from the appeal I am absolutely furious regarding the process and the fact that apparent medical professionals have no qualms about lying. I want an answer from someone be it ATOS, the HCPC or my MP on this one and I what to see a consequence for this totally unprofessional behaviour. At the end of the day there has to be a reckoning for this. I mean to say Cameron has said that there will be financial penalties for G4S over the Olympics debacle so surely when ATOS lose these appeals because their assessors have supplied incorrect information should they not also be subjected to financial penalties for not fulfilling their government contracts. Honestly the only way really to hurt these organisations is going to be financially. I also believe that individually the so called medically trained professional assessors hired by ATOS (perhaps I will describe them as hitmen from now on) have to be held accountable for what they are doing. You could not go into a trial and give false evidence there would be serious consequences and there should be the same for giving false information to the DWP on their medical reports. Phew thats better, nothing like an early morning rant and rave to start the day lol. Take care Pond, I am enjoying chatting with you because you remind me of myself and our circumstances seem so similar. Colleen xxxx

  • hi colleen,i have had a bad day today so been in bed,had some lovely dreams though! lol...the welfare rights are run by the council,im glad you have a man friend,i think im past my sll by date lol,im 62 but my kids say im not a normal old woman lol,i have long black nails etc im an ageing i have a young out look and a happy heart...i decided that i would apply the same passin to defending myself as i have done defending my children all their lives..if you can understand? just off to asda for some ice cream which of late i cant get enough xxxxx

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