seconds out round two!!

hi all.been absent for a while busy,today i have put a complaint in about my ATOS dr report...three independant people have checked my claim pack and its the only thing we can see where there could be the reason for the tribunal giving me a warning{!} and ajourning till a later date,so asked for it to be investigated,plus im going to write to my local MP,so i will keep you all posted...the DLA lady was very nice and helpfull she didnt sound a bit supprised at my grievence,in fact it was her that told me to complain!..i got the feeling that not many people challenge ATOS as by the time it goes to tribunal we are pretty fed up and beaten down,im not giving up!,iv been told to..start a new claim...give up and just to protect what i already get....but NO..NO..NO!! if they stoped everything,i would just re claim so whats the point?..and if they want to be awkward i will go in a home...and that would cost far more than getting a bit of extra help for me to stay at home! sorry for the rant but me ganders up now and im not giving and hugs xxxx

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  • Good for you. Prayers that you have the strength and clear thinking for this fight and that you winxx

  • hi,thank you i will get the strength from somewhere or i might as well give in,then they have won..early days yet but nothing ventured nothing gained..i read somewhere that some goverment figure..can see his face but cant remember his DLA for a he didnt go through this!!!..if he did we would see a change in the whole DLA system..xx

  • Excellent to read this post how brilliant to see that someone is going to fight back full force. I am doing the same as you. Infact ATOS replied to my complaint to them yesterday 5wks later. Hilarious read and such rubbish, so methinks another letter of complaint will be winging its way to them this week. I immediately involved my local MP in this and have also involved CAB.I copy any correspondence I send or receive straight to my MP. Like you I'm going to make their life as difficult as I can. This lady is not for "shutting up" lol. Please let us know how you are getting on. I have a blog on here too regarding my own situation with ATOS. ps. The killer line from ATOS at the end of their response to my complaint was that "ATOS Healthcare (strange them using the word CARE) are NOT involved in the appeals process". My translation "We dont care what you think or say because it cannot come back on us in anyway or form". Colleen xx

  • hi,thank you for your reply,i will keep you posted xxx

  • hi,sent an email to my local MP today,telling him of my dealings with ATOS/DLA medical,plus rang DLA to keep them posted,she sounded shocked about my treatment at tribunal,,me getting a "warning" etc and not being told why! she said that the DLA office would read through my complaint and get back to me,she said that sometimes another decision CAN be made....sooo watch this space xxx

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