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What makes you feel good?

I'm hoping to pinch a few good ideas if I am honest!

I'll pitch in with a few of my own.

Getting hugs and cuddles - from my family, boy friend, the dogs, the Osmonds (!)

Seeing a good film - there have been so many recently

Going to a concert - preferably on the front row, it might take me a week to recover but that is a price I willingly pay.

Sitting in the sunshine and watching the birds in my garden.

Keeping in touch with friends whether face-to-face, on the phone, email or facebook.

Julie xx

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completing a task I set myself.

going for a drive.

doing some mindfulness.

communicating on here

my wonderful sister sorting out the jungle at the front and back of my house, its now looking like a garden again now.

Great Idea of your julie, we will all hopefully get new ideas from others and share ours, lets see how long the list will get hugs xx


walking around the garden

hearing the dawn chorus

reading to blind people

baking cakes and eating them

helping others

laughing and loving

my grandchildren

achieving some literary nonsence

my family

being alive


A nice hot bath,

A massage

Laughing (what ever it is that makes you laugh ) Peter Kay, Lee Evens, My Boyfriend, family and friends.

Achieving something, getting something done

gardening (in pots)


listening to music

socializing (although it hurts for the next few days/weeks I think its worth it, after all I could be in pain anyway and not have gone out and had some fun, boogie, meal etc)

making memories with love ones

singing along to loud music (well it needs to be loud, have you heard me sing? lol)

love this question! hope more join in


playing with my daughter and hearing her laugh ~ seeing her happy makes all this pain nd discomfort bearable

being all tucked up indoors and listening to the rain outside

my best friends laughing at my funny walk when my back and hips give up on me ~ sounds harsh but very funny to watch and like they say if you dont laugh you'll cry!

seeing my godchildren


using this site

(many more things aswell but my heads not with it today lol)

Great idea Julie, made me smile writing these things down



Waking up to sunshine and watching the steam train go by.

Designing and cutting out an new bear (I am a bear artist)

Hugs and chats with friends

Having a rare no pain day

Sitting and just really looking at things like flowers and trees, how often do we really stop and look?

Dancing, on the very rare days I can.

Having a bath without needing anyone to be with me.

Having a phone call from busy children.

Booking a holiday

Visiting friends and family

Oh so many things like hearing the children in the garden next door laughing and playing. I am generally a happy person so too many things to list make me happy. :-)


most of the above, I think we have to grasp at whatever happiness the comes our way, in so many small things we'd never have thought would be our lives now, and be greatful to God, we are still here to enjoy his nature and sunshine, and even the sound of thunderstorms, very exiting and scary all in one, as long as you're not out in one. xx


My family happy and well



Peace and quiet

Looking at the sea

Walking our two dogs

Walking by the sea, along the shore

Woodland walks

Freshly cooked fish and chips

A meal out with hubby

Hearing from my children



Reading with my Kindle

Hearing the dawn chorus with the birds singing

Looking at photos of my three children when they were small


Bubble bath with candles and chocolate

Pottering around in the garden

A glass of white wine

Hearing infectious laughter

The smell of someone else cooking

The smell of freshly cut grass


reading the above and being able to answer to them "me too" and not as the usual response to problems.



Can I copy your answer Sandra? Most of the above certainly apply to me.Birds , sunshine & laughter seem very popular, all at the same time is great x


This a good post, makes you smile reading it over xxx gentle hugs to everyone, and a smile


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