This made me laugh at myself!!

Just thought I would share this ..

.I was replying to someone's question just a moment ago,and I have small blocks where my words get stuck whether I am talking or writing and I have to think of what word I need ( I understand this as brain fog ) well I was busy typing away and should have put " I hope this only lasts a while la la la " instead ,my husband walked in and started talking about things in the freezer for dinner......I was still trying to type as I was on a roll and I put " I hope this only lasts for a sausage as we have no chicken and you soon feel better " ....then asked him if I could just finish my reply. I read it back and burst out laughing when I saw what I had written.

I just wanted to share this as it did make me chuckle.....

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  • Hehehe! I do this a lot!

    My daughter was telling me about a particularly stupid work colleague, and I meant to say "What a plonker!".

    What I actually said was "What a plastic bag!" 'cos I was off to the shop and was looking for a carrier to take with me.

    Luv, Moffy

  • Ha ha at least we get to laugh at times...I even go all goble de gook and completly muddle my words up and my husband goes "wwwwaaaatt ? " and hard as I try I cannot unmuddle them lol x x

    (((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) Moffy x x x

    Rainbowdancer x x x

  • rainbowdancer thank you for cheering me up! when i read your blog I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself lol !!!!

  • I find that when I mix up my words I always try and make a joke of it (so that I maybe don't sound toooooo stupid) and then my daughter and I always end up in fits of giggles!!!! In this way I can use my "fibro-fog" to cheer myself up a bit :) At least we can learn to laugh at ourselves and also in the process make others laugh with us -- perhaps we should invent our own special "fibro-language"!!! Keep smiling :)

  • Rainblow dancer, you said it right for us "muddled words are us", now are you going to cook your words or the chicken or sausages?, that's the question lol, and I also invariably at least every few days get all my words mixed up and only realize it when I look at whoever I was talking to, because their expression says it all, then I just recap in a few words, because I usually forget what the heck I was trying to say in the first place, what goes on in our minds, I'd love to know, God love us all xxx

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