Daisy still asleep! Hope you like the picture x

Daisy still asleep! Hope you like the picture x

Morning everyone, what a week! Not feeling too bad today, had some good things happen this week, and some bad. The bad one was my washing machine going pop, but got a new one delivered this morning, already got second load in! Thank you Zannusi!

Friday I went to see my doctor as had the letter from the pain clinic with suggestions about my meds. Now on Nortryptaline and Duloxatine, and Tramadol for pain. Thus far seem to be working, though feeling a little spaced out but thats not a bad thing! But that could also be due to my neighbour coming home at 4am and putting his music on, haven't slept since.

Yesterday got home to find letters from the council to say I've been put on too high a council tax rate and they have knocked some off... yay! :-) Its come at the right time...

Just writing some letters to my penpals, then will have a lay down and watch Formula 1 with my better half Lenn, we are both petrol heads! I will probably fall asleep though... but hey, I've done a lot this morning!

Have a great day everyone xxxxx lots of gentle hugs to you all xxxxx

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  • Ps.. Daisy is snuggling into her teddy... yes my cat has her own teddy!!! I've sprayed it with catnip and she loves it x

  • PSS forgot to say that he has referred me to my local gym so I can get cut rate swimming to help my fibro pain - I'm really looking forward to it! They do a full assessment with you and work out a plan which will help your condition, I think it will be a great help, will keep you posted.

    Its worth looking into if you're on a low income, thats why I asked about it!

  • Love the pic......my Daisy dog also has her own teddy that she loves curling up with :-) x

  • Would love to see a pic! xxx

  • Lenns working today till 2, then we will be watching Formula 1 - but I bet I fall asleep! Hope you're ok Jules xx Ran out of credit but will message you on here xx or inbox me with your address and I will send you something nice xx

  • aww love the pic :)

    and glad things are on the up :-D

    hugs xxxxx

  • Thank you Lynz hope you have a good day! :-)

  • Thank you Lynn! I don't mind you nagging at all! Its nice to be cared about :-D I will pace myself I promise xx

  • Great news about the council tax. :)

    Hope you have a lovely afternoon, glad you got a new washer. :)

    hugs, kel xxx

  • Hugs back! xxxx

  • Good to hear the new meds are working, lovely new washer and rebate on the council tax WOW.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    Big hugs

    Susan :) :) :)

  • loving the cat and her teddy it is gorgeous my doggy doesnt think so though lol he has got a teddy to and couple other stuffed things ha ha anyway hope you enjoy motor racing and keep awake !!!! if not sure lenn will and fill you in . i love getting new machine silly aint it i like you go round house picking up loads to wash ha ha . and woo woo good letter from the council that makes a change see how long it is before they give you back any overpayment ? normally weeks yet other way round got to be paid within 7 days !!!!!

    i hope your good luck continues as you deserve it so much love to you diddle x

  • Aw she is so cute. I got a Zannusi machine a few months ago, I love it. There is something rewarding about watching your machine do your washing for you, just a shame it can't iron too!!.

    Hope you have had a good day Mrs Petrol Head lol. xx

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