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off sick

today i rang in sick boss asked what was wrong with me told him the codl wind from the door yesterday made my fibro worse think it went over his head so when i went onto say i hadnt slept well either thought id better not bamboosal him with " i had so many apneas last night and my mask was leaking the oxygen that supposed to got to my brain" was the reason i was tired thought that may have confused him even more

so hopefully he may well give in and do something about the heaters and the cold in the shop now ive been off ill!

wont hold my breath tho (not without my oxygen|!!)

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lol do you think they have any understanding of the problems we suffer. I hope that he may think about it and help you


Bosses seem to have a knack for ignoring the obvious, and 'not understanding' employees' medical conditions - I think it must be a part of managerial training!

Keep on at him, and look after yourself!

Sara xx


It is McGregors theory X management style - believe all subordinates are totally lazy and uncooperative; management training always has taught this is wrong, but ineffective management fall back on it as a comfort blanket.

Lecture over lol



They must have been on the same Mcgregors training course as the Government, DWP and ATOS then lol


Hope you feel better soon. Do you have a union rep at work that could intervene to make sure that you are listened to? Don't let yourself become ill again because of managerial ignorance. Take care. Jane x


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