Long distance can make one feel so useless. Here Iam just back from weekly

Bandaging so both my legs are wrappers in Nora batty stockings the only good thing is the . Compression seems to be redefining my legs wow that is good. It better be as I am in . For the long hall now done south mysmall grandson is a poorly little boy . Day three nofluids May have Togo / to . Hospital later. bless him so . Insensitive and get well thought to him. Thank every one. Xgins

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  • Oh gins glad about your legs, so sorry about your grandson

    Fingers crossed for a seedy recovery to both of you

    VG x

  • Aww (((gins))). I'm so pleased your legs are improving, but I am so sad about your dear grandson . I am sending positive thoughts and prayers for both of you.

    Gentle hugs. Foggy x

  • Aww ((((hugs ))))))) to you both Gins x x x

    I had compression stockings fitted few weeks ago but they made my upper leg throb and it gave me a bad pain in my groin....not sure why. So Dr going to see about my lymph nodes as they could be blocked or sluggish...

    .Hope your grandson soon feels better,and the bandaging helps you x x x

    Rainbow x x

  • What bad luck rainbow dancer my banadages are uncomfortable but after first week the pain in groin dissappeared it is just the feet and my bones that hurt the begining of the week is worst and by time due for new ones they are fine and bandages have given a bit - Shoes are hell though :) love and sympathy to you let me know how you are xgins

  • Hi Gins do you wear your compression stockings all the time,I wore them for almost a day at a time but then just had to get them off. Maybe I need to try again.

    Thanks for letting me know :-)

    Hugs Rainbow x x

  • Mine are applied by the nurse and that is it for a week they dont come off at all . Not pretty but if it works I will not mind it will be like this for a long time apparently so doc said so I have to get used to it. Good luck with yours xgins

  • ohhhh hiii there gins smiley wave at you and wishing your little grandson well bless him , nothing worse than seeing the little ones suffer.. sending huggles to him and you of course i cannot forget you !!

    aww hahah nooo lol made me think of last of the summer wine !! loved that when used to watch it now its more Gold TV x

    i am sure you will heal well and soon be showing your pegs for the summer ! airing them off sat in your lovley garden watching your flowers blossom xxxx

    hugs to you xxxx

  • Thank you bless you my legs will always be covered now :) but they dont hurt like they did :) I am longing for the summer and my grandson will be all smiles again and playing here in the garden :) bless you xgins

  • Hope you and your family all feel better soon, Gins. Bless you - you are always chirpy, no matter what!

    Moffy x

  • Oh Moffy I feel sloppy to day not cheerie will let you know how things go :) xgins

  • Hope all is well for you and your Grandson very soon x

  • thanks hun :) xgins

  • Hope the little one feels better soon an your legs improve more every day for you the summer will b hear soon to make every one feel better i hope xx

  • fingers crossed I am waiting to see how he is :) xgins

  • Hope your grandson gets well very soon and your legs continue to improve Gins lots of love sent your way xxx

  • Thanks della so do I :) xgins

  • Thoughsvand healing vibesbto both ofnyou oh please wear long skirts or all thebmen will be fantasizing over them stockings lol

  • I am afraid they are not sexy stocks in any way just leg hugging from toe to knee :( still if they work :) xgins

  • To all of you wonderful peeps Thank you for your get well wishes I will let you know how he is doing later xxgins

  • Hey the british men can get quite kinky I am told lol

  • Okay my friends the little chap is doing much better and drinking water again so he will soon be roaring around again. Thank you for your thoughts xgins

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