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really peeed off!

went in to work today and was ther for an hour and half before i gave in and asked for the heater to go on, it may have been sunny today but i was freezing and have to stand in the way on the enterNCE and exit doors so had the wind blowing in. my neck was so painful due to the draught, iwent for a break just gone the 15 mns when i got back the heater was off. told my boss to turn it back on (it was turned off cos the other lady dont like it on) so he said when she goes for her break i can have it on again cos i will have to go back to the tills near the door. told him wasnt happy as i had to get a drs note to explain why i needed it on and was so bloody cold i would go home if it wasnt on!

think i may need to see HR again as im finding this difficult and think they are discriminating againsy my disability just to keep this other woman from moaning.

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Oh that is awful and yes i too get cold and once i am cold it takes along time too warm up and usually means a hot bath which is obviously not the answer at work, i hope that you can sort this out with your work place and perhaps once you speak to them about fibromyalgia they will accomodate your needs hope so good luck Diddle x


they should have a policy of duty of care, Im sure they can accomadate you so that you feel comfy


Hi angied,

I would be peed off too.

Being cold for lenghtly periods sets of the most horrible pain for me so i would also moan about that heater.

The other lady could come into work with less layers on etc, so she doesnt get too warm, i hate selfish people.

good luck with it.

kel xxx


I work in a small office, just myself and another girl. When my pains are

bad it makes me very cold. The heater is on full blast, my boss is very

understanding, so is my work mate. The colder you are the worse you

feel. I really feel for you, some people just dont understand. x


I so feel for you, Angie. I have to have my socks & boots on and wear a scarf to start feeling warm. Being cold with our condition is distressing.

Can you wear scarves and/or warmer clothing at your place of work, or do you have to wear a uniform? In either case, you should be able to wrap up warmly.

I hope your chat with HR goes ok and improves your situation.


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