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Yesterday I heard that the weather this weekend was going to be lovely, so excited was I that while I was in the bath last night I decided to finally rid my self of my winter furry trousers and ahem "other bits!"

So off I went. Various colonies and woodland animals. Went running for their lives as I deatroyed their homes and I was getting worried that Iight have to call out dynorod put to unblock the drain from the bath. (Could you imagine the shame of having to explain what the pipe was blocked with?!?!?!)

Anyway, the water eventually rinsed away and my body was totally defuzzed. I then applied a moisturising lotion which promised a light golden tab over a few days. "Oh goody" I thought, I will be a hairless bronzed goddess my the weekend, so I slapped it all over liberally.

I have just looked in the mirror....... I AM ORANGE!!!!!!!

If they make Nother wizard of oz I would make a perfect oompa lumpa!

Failing that I could appear on TOWIE!!!

My older two kids have been rolling round on the floor laughing that much at one point I thought I was gonna have to call an ambulance as I thought they'd ghat need oxygen,y 8 year old little girl pipes up with " I like it mummy, orange is my most favourite colour in the world."

Am supposed to be taking the kids shopping in town today......oh dear!

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Do you want to borrow my high visibility jacket to add to the brightness....?



Oh VG, I expected no less from you! Hangs orange head in shame and scuttles off to jump in the nearest bag of wotsits for camouflage.....x

Mix sea salt with lemon juice & olive oil & give yourself a body scrub. It will tone it right down ;) thanks for the morning giggle though I now have images of Snow White style critters running from your bath tub

You just need a 'vajazzle' now, Charlii, and the TOWIE look will be complete!!!! :D

Moffy x

Has never seen this "TOWIE".........what is it? And what on earth is a "vajazzle"..........Foggy is very perplexed !!

Hope the orangeyness lessens soon and that your children recover and enjoy their day out with their high vizz mother. ;-)

Foggy x


Oh dear takes foggy to one side and explains.... Waits for foggy to glow as orange as Charlii with embarrassment

VG x

Good on ya, VG - You're like a mother to us all! :) I'm not 100% sure about these here vajazzles - I mean, how do they get the glitter to stick? :O

Moffy x

Hehe.....pictures me having a vajazzle! X


OMG I thought for a moment you were announcing you were going to post pictures of you haveing a a vajazzle

Goes to lie down with foggy... :D

Sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but I am giggling like a loon here. Think I need to go and lie down with VG and Foggy until I can reassume a serious demeanour .



Makes room for jilly :)

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