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Can anyone answer this one for me? I went to appeal for my ESA week last Friday. I was awarded ESA from last June, the judge said I would get back payment from there, as I was already in the WRG then it was jus to make my money up to support group. Well last week had a letter from DWP saying they was a change to do with my ESA and they paid me from June this year! So what happens about my money from June last year? Do I wait or do I ring them?

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Ring them ... if you patiently wait you might wait forever - the DWP are not famous for their efficiency or accuracy!

Julie xx


Ring them and ask wots going on .they will try and wriggle out of it if not.good luck.


ring them and or write a letter maybe. glad your appeal went ok I am stressed waiting for my appeal not til october going to see cab today for advice


Thankyou everyone. Thats it a phone call later me thinks.


I would say go to Welfare Rights or to CAB....they will advise you,as they know more about it than us Good luck!.


Definitely do it in writing, it is important to establish a paper trail so they cannot weasel out by saying they haven't recieved it!

Keep a copy, and then send your letter by Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery, that way they have to sign for it. It is important for you to keep copies of all correspondence with them. They will even try to get out of acknowledging email, so snailmail is the way to go!

Cheers, Midori


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