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Well plucked up the courage and rang esa , the lady on the phone says I have been put in, I have been on esa since 2014 and was forgot about for the first two years on basic money and for the last year been to hell and back with money being stopped and then back on after reconsideration and now the lady on the phone says I have a back payment dew to me from April this year how does this work I thought it was from the 14 th week of being on esa I'm sure they make up rules as they go along but at least its better news than I thought it would be i wish ev 1 every success on there long road of getting what your entitled to and I would like to give a big thankyou to HEALTHUNLOCKED and it's members for helping through this ordeal it's been one hell of a nightmare for as I suppose it is for most of us on here good luck and the best of health my friends take care of yourselves xxx

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  • That good news hope things get better from now on

  • Thankyou number it's a bit a relief untill my next health assessment in 2018 I suffer severe agoraphobia and have done since I was a little girl so don't know what I have to do being in Wrag group so I'm a little frightened next year seems like it's going to be just as hard but I'll worry about that when the time comes I would to wish you all the best for 2017 hunni

  • Hi there

    Well done for plucking up the courage to ring the DWP. They are not the easiest of people to deal with.

    I would have normally suggested that you get in touch with Janet our Benefits Adviser re your back pay but she is off now until the beginning of February.

    I thought that the DWP were only now paying 13 weeks back pay but I'm not 100 per cent sure.

    I'm glad you have at least got sorted this far.

    As you've been put in the WRAG Group this means, if you are unable to work, that you will have to apply to be put into the Support Group otherwise you will get called into the Jobcentre and expected to take part in Work Related Activity interviews.

    I don't want to worry you. I just want you to be prepared.

    I am not an expert on benefits but just speaking from my own experiences.

    Wishing you much peace

    Lu xx

  • Thankyou so much for welcome advise this has been such an ordeal from start to finish and still not the right decision made so looks like another long hall for me I'm going to get in touch with c.a.b and seek there advice and help with what to do next as I dread having to go to the jobcentre the thought has me feeling sick to my stomach as despair creeps in, not good . all the best for 2017 hunni and thankyou again

  • I'm so sorry to worry you. My ESA claim took 18 months with an assessment and a Tribunal.

    I won my Tribunal and was placed in the WRAG group.

    Within 6 weeks I got a Summons to attend the Jobcentre otherwise my money would be stopped.

    I struggled to get there with the help of my son and the lady I saw was really quite angry that I'd been passed fit for work and told me I'd have to apply to be put in the Support Group.

    I said I just wasn't well enough and the lady said if I didn't do it she'd have no choice but to call me in for Work Related Interviews!

    Have you ever looked for a Disability Advocate to help you?

    You can Google for one on the internet. They will help you with any form filling etc.

    I feel really bad for worrying you. I just didn't want you to go through what I did thinking all was well.

    I just thought it would be best to be prepared.

    Take care of yourself

    Lu xx

  • Hi and thankyou for the information I'm sure I'm going to need it and I'm also sorry for what you have to go through I wish u all the best for 2017 hun and take care

  • Thats great news. Really pleased for you.


  • Hi virgo Thankyou hun and happy new year I wish I had found this site sooner the kind words from people have been such a comfort to me so thankyou again xx

  • That's great news Apmcoy well done you ☺ as BlueMermaid3 has already mentioned, its better to be in the support group if you are not going to be able to return to work in the future & I'm guessing seeing as you have been off woke since 2014, that this is the case. It's nice to get awarded the back payment, so good things in the New Year my friend.

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan xx

  • Thankyou Janet and I wish you all the best for 2017 my friend take good care and thankyou again been amazing meeting ev 1 on here

  • Hi Apmcoy , thank you for posting your experiences, and glad you are back on ESA.

    I am coming round to thinking the DWP doesn't know it's arm from it's elbow so to speak. I get conflicting answers if I ring. and if I leave well alone, they surprise me by deducting about £5 a week with no explanation, only that they have "reviewed my application", (what application?)

    I have been on ESA for nearly three years and the DWP suddenly decided to not pay me so much. My circumstances have not changed so don't have a clue why!

  • Hi bluebell and thankyou hun ,I know what it's like to ring and just be fobbed off with the DWP the system is unfair and frustrating and can also be soul destroying if I was you i would give them a call and ask for an explanation as to what's going on your money there not perfect and can and do make mistakes which can cause havoc in people's life's I hope you get it sorted and I wish you all the best for 2017 take care hun xx

  • Hi my friend

    That is absolutely wonderful news and I am genuinely delighted for you. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Good morning author thankyou so much and I also wish the all the health and happiness and that 207. will be an amazing year for you ,.this is a wonderful site and one I am happy to have found with such lovely people who are suffering and still have a thiught and prayer for others thankyou so much author and take good care my love

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