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I hear that the 30 quid cuts on ESA are just for new claimants bit I got an ESA form through the door due back April 15th:

I'm super anxious as Just done PIP and got less money than I did on DLA so I assume the same will happen:

My health problems are ongoing as the tests and whatnot take forever to get referred and appointments etc:

I'm so tired of it all.

Anyone else had forms through? Been on ESA for years, last year got put on WRAG , they aren't forcing me to work they are quite understanding as they know I'm doing a lot with mental health an pyshical health being poor. Thank god I got a great advisor! So lucky or it would make me ill with anxiety.

Let me know guys Thankyou 💗

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  • Hiya 

    Don't worry to much they are doing every one, I had my pip and lost car and most of benifits.

    Next week I have my ESA assessment. So your notes on your own we are all in same boat.

    They told me they are doing everyone every 3 years, I am in support group so will just have to wait and see what happens.

    Ps I am having it recorded as I should have done with pip.

    Best of luck 


  • Am getting my year long WrAG ESA stopped in a few weeks seeing my advisor next week at the no help at all this past year with enabling back to fact only had one interview in June..and that was am in a position of great uncertainty as doc wants to give me sick note, but if I take it then I can not go on job seekers (contribution based?)...and am sure that I would not get any other disability benefits without a real fight..and to be honest I simply cant do any of that sort of stressas it makes me really hopefully one way or another I shall get some help...I am 60 this year and would be getting my pension...except I have to wait another 6 trying so hard not to let the anxiety get to me...and am lucky to have a family round me so I wont starve ...heavens knows what happens to those that have no one to help financially....oh dear!!! really tough out there....well done all of you that fight...may you eventually win.....and deservedly so....xx

  • Hi Sab

    Forgive me for not remembering! Do you have someone helping you with your WRAG ESA being stopped?

    Don't forget we (FMAUK) have our own benefits advisor Janet.

    I will pop back and paste the link to her details at the end of my message. I'm going to pinch it from Ken's post. **

    Trust me when I say I know how much stress hurts!

    Wishing you less anxiety and more peace

    Lu xx

    Volunteer Adminstrator

    ** FMA UK have a dedicated benefit helpline, you can ring Janet, or email her for help, advice and assistance:

    FMA UK Welfare Benefits Helpline

    Phone: 0844 887 2450

    Fax: 0844 826 9033

  • Thanks I don't have anyone helping me and I shall get in touch with Janet once you have posted her link...thank you...must gird my loins and get on with the it all...Ha Ha now THERES a picture.....x

    Thank you , we must have been typing at the same time...greatly appreciate the contacts...hugs xx

  • Ok. You need professional help to fill in the form. If you Google for a Disability Advocate you should be able to find one in your area. They are charities that are set up to help people that need assistance with form filling etc.

    Apologies for the delay in getting that link up. I'm having a lot of trouble with my laptop at the moment. Computer is definitely saying no!

    See how you get on with Janet and if you need any further help, give me a shout and I'll do what I can to help. 

    Lu x


  • Hi Lu...the link to web page is not working...?..

  • Sorry.  Let me look into it and get back to you xx

  • Thanks Lu...x

  • I'm so sorry. I'm going to have to load up my laptop. I've been trying for ages to amend the link, but my device is having none of it. 

    Can you give me 10 minutes?  Hopefully I should have got it done by then. 

  • Hi again

    I'm so sorry.  I don't understand why my link keeps breaking.  I've tried it so many times and it just wont copy across.

    If you have a look at the right of your screen, underneath Pinned Posts, you'll see a post that Ken put up called Helpful Benefit Links & Contacts.

    If you click on that post and scroll down you'll find the link you need.  If it doesn't work from your end, that means it's not me.  However, with the day I've had, I'm pretty sure it will be me!!

    Lu xx

  • Dear Lu...have clicked on Kens link and there seems to be a prob with the page and so its not you!....:-)....thank you for all your efforts and hope you have a restful night...x

    I shall try to call Janet next week...x

  • Hi Sab123blossom,

    The page appears to be working again now.  It could have been an issue with the site as there have been a few recently! x :)

  • Hi Jaja2014

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your ESA. Please take care my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi, I thought I heard that they are scrapping the cuts now due to the reaction and IDS quitting his role?? I'm sure I watched something on the news about this?? I may be wrong, but I swear they were discussing the u-turn.... 

  • Just try to keep going  good luck

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