Hi everyone, I have been contribution based ESA since January of this year , it's all a bit confusing as they said it would for a year until January 2016, then they would stop. Then I applied for PIP in September and was given low rate and the sent me a letter saying my ESA would increase slightly . What is worrying me is that I now have a letter in from DWP with a form to fill in about my employment , I am still employed but been off ill since May 2014, they are requesting wage slips for the past year , I only have them till December 2014 as my SSP finished then , is this normal when coming to the end of your year on ESA. Sorry if this is a bit mixed up, it just seems when you think everything is going not bad something else turns up , thank you in advance for any advice, xx

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  • Give them everything you have including any letters you have showing SSP has run out, they might want bank statements to make sure you don't have a fortune in savings. Be honest with them and they should help you xx

  • Thank you, I have filled it in and included photocopy of the few wage slips I have so will keep you all updated in what happens. It's all so stressful, thanks again for replying xx

  • I agree completely with Scottish-piglet, as anything that you can give them is best. I am not on ESA but I want to gneuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken xx

  • I take it you are on WRAG as it does end after 12 months it will only continue if you are on Support group. You can ask them to look at the income related side that they should have the info on as it is all on the form you first filled in. However you may find they will ask you to fill it all in again, but make sure that you are doing the income related one! This is means tested so will take into account any savings or wages earned from partners.

    Good Luck

  • Hi thank you, I wasn't eligible for income related because my husband is working, it's all very confusing though, I got the original letter in telling me I has been given ESA and would get it until January 2016, then a wee while later had another one saying I was in the support group. So I really don't know where I am lol. Thank you for your reply, xx

  • If you are in support then it should still be paid. However I see on the original post that you mention you are still in work? If it is not approved employment then they will not pay you as you are past the 12 months. If you were or are unemployed then you should get paid in support group if you are on Contribution ESA.

    Now this is were it can be a problem if you or DWP are not paying NI then you will fall foul of the 24 month NI payments and they will not pay Contribution ESA.

    The next step would be to ask for PIP to be re looked at as your circumstances have changed. Remember that you do not have good days only better ones. Take into account what you are like at your worse.

    Be Well

  • Thank you so much for your reply, yes I do still have a job however I am waiting on my manager coming to see me to discuss this as I have now been off ill since May 2014 , and I know I'm not fit at present to go back as I am a nurse and it's a heavy job, so I have a feeling I will be asked to resign from my post. They have been very understanding so far but I can't expect them to keep my post open indefinately . How I wish I could turn the clock back and all of this had never happened , so hard to go from being active and never indoors to being indoors 24/7. Sorry I'm starting to rant now, thanks again offcut, I appreciate your reply, xxxx

  • I do know what you mean I had to give up working and it is not a great feeling. But it is important to keep positive.

    I would suggest that you get them to medical retire/redundancy rather than you resign as this is taken as you giving up work of your choosing and are not entitled for benefits.

  • Oh thank you for telling me that, I didn't think about that side of things. So it would be better for me if they medically retired me , that's a great piece of advice . Hope today is a good day for you and thanks again, your advice is really appreciated , take care, xx

  • You too.

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