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Esa money backdated

Hi i went on to ESA May 2015 and my assessment in October found I failed it. She only scored me 9 for just mobilitt and nothing for everthing else which is a joke. Anyhow Im going to appeal it. Ive had to go to JSA for money but what makes you laugh is I was on £73.10 a week on ESA on JSA I am now on £105 cos they pay you 73.10 plus a disability premium. My arguement is I would have been better off on JSA all this time instead of Esa money wise. However Im not fit to work. But my point is I might have failed ESA assessment but I should still be entitled to the extra money from the 13th week on august until 10th December. Can I do this?

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How come oh you been put in work group...i would enquire as you might get the small preimium back if you had given...i think you do...as you qualify for the work related...phone them i would...nitemare isnt it...because they upped your money....worth a try but font hold your breath...at minute..dwp holding back on these rates.....but im sure you do.....happy new year

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Hi flossy76

I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I have to admit that I do not know? I have pasted you a link below to the GOV.UK cache on JSA and low income benefits, so I hope this can answer your question:


You could also email or phone the FMA UK benefit helpline, I have also pasted a link to this below:


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



No the op has not been put it the WRAG they have lost ESA claim and have had to appeal.

Am guessing you have already done a mandatory reconsideration?

So if that is correct, once you have the appeal paperwork which will include any information that the DWP holds about you, you can then if you wish go on esa assessment rate until the appeal is decided. The DWP do not tell people this but you can if you ask. But as you seem better off on job seekers then you can stay on that but remember they may put you on work programmes and still expect you to look for work, though most job centres will leave you alone until the outcome of the appeal is decided.

I am pretty clued up on disability benefits and rights. Please feel free to contact me by PM if you need any further help and I'll do my best 😊

Fluffybunny xx


Oh and if you win your appeal, you will get backdated esa from the date your esa stopped, less low job seekers you were getting.

So if put in the support group, you'll get that premium which as around £35 a week backdated plus any other premiums you may be entitled too.

Do you also claim pip/DLA ?

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Thanks well the mandatory reconsideration received and appeal sent off. We just wait and see. Yes i am on pip high rate mobility and low rate care but considering applying for the higher rate of care. I used to be on low dla and appealed that. That went to a tribunal they took 1 look at me put me straight on to high dla and backdated the difference they owed me for 15 mths. So im not affraid of going there or seeing it through. The government works on percentages. How many will 1st want their decision reconsidered. My friend got taken off it and went back to work and they bank on that happening but i dont think he was as bad as he was. Having said that when you got no money coming in you got no choice but he could have done what i did and been on more money. In the meantime then they then narrow it down how many will take it to a mandatory reconsideration which i have done come back no which it did on my dla so now they got a smaller percentage of how many will ask to take it to tribunal and then the percentage of how many they will agree with.


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