My neighbours poor taste in music

Here I was enjoying a quiet afternoon until Pete over the road decides to work on his car.

The chap is 40, white, a bit of a rough diamond really.

But he has the most awful taste in music - all this gangsta rap and low quality reggee. Peace and quiet has been shattered as his car CD is now full blast.

Do I close my window and get all hot and stuffy? I'm very tempted to try to drown him out with a good old dose of "shang-a-lang" but feel sorry for my neighbours enduring two blasts of music.

Best just try and get with the beat and imagine I am listening to this music on a Jamacian beach ...............

Julie xx

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  • Open all the windows and give him the 'William Tell Overture' at full throttle - that'll larn him!

  • I did that once, years ago, when someone parked outside our house and left their car radio on very loudly. I switched on Radio three and it so happened they were broadcasting some really awful modern atonal music. Whacked up the volume and bingo ! problem sorted . But what do you do about yappy dogs ? Other than go out yourself, of course. We have one such canine next door to us who has separation anxiety and when left alone, which is quite often, can bark on and off all day long. I marvel at his stamina.

  • put the dog in your yard and see how he likes it! - sorry, it's a very old joke!

    seriously, I can't stand either, the only things that get me thru it is the fact that at least they're not doing it to deliberately annoy me & that it's not the middle of the night.

    interested how others reply,

    regards, sandra.

  • oops! "he" the neighbour, not the dog!

  • My dogs are normally free to come in and out as they like in the day as we have a dog flap on the conservatory door and rarely bark. The big boy two doors up is very vocal and the psycho neighbour the other side blames my dogs.

    There is nothing much you can do about a yapping dog during the day. My neighbour tried a noise abatement thing aganst us but the council were having none of it as it wasn't my dogs and in addition they told her dogs naturally bark!

    I could go and have a word with the music lover - but I don't want to cause bad blood because he is excellent at fixing my cars when stupid little things go wrong! Not that I am being mercenary or anything you understand lol

    Julie xx

  • We used to have problems with the people who lived below us, my son was young at the time so I used to play my son's favourite music tape which included songs from Rosie and Jim and Thomas the Tank Engine... much more annoying than their awful heavy metal music because the songs were catchy and you'd get them stuck in your head even though you REALLY didn't want them there! LOL

  • My mum did something of that sort our neighbours had been playing their music full blast for 3or4 days and my mum put her stereo on full with the arm back on the record deck so it would repeat over an over can't remember which record she put on but I do remember it had canons being fired on it oh then we went out for the day leaveing it on he he we came back to a small pile of plaster on the floor oh did I mention she turned the speakers to face the wall didn't hear a peep out of them for oh a month or 2 lol

  • We used to live in a maisonette and the woman above was a BIG, I mean FULL BLAST Englebert Humpedink fan. Now I have nothing against Mr Humperdink, but "Please Release Me" etc at full blast all afternoon when you have a tiny baby is a bit too much.

    So I put the 1812 on full blast, to repeat and then went out! That is the ones with the canons firing and the bells of Moscow .... excellent for proving the point! Silly old fool got the message - she never mentioned a word about it either lol.

    Julie xx

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