What's your happy music??

What music do you listen to to get a lift?

I love music and feel like it can really affect our mood- sometimes we listen to music and it lifts us up sometimes it brings us down and sometimes it doesn't do

Anything except reflect our own thoughts. I wish I was a talented musician with a beautiful

Voice able to express my thoughts and feelings via song. - unfortunately I just steal other peoples

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  • We had this thread a while back K, you might like to take a peek - the thread was called "Songs That Mean Something To You" -


    Hope you enjoy reading it K! :)

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Must have completely passed me by somehow :s I love my music sorry for duplicating :s

  • Please don't worry, your post is absolutely fine! :) xxx

  • at the moment its Shakin Stevens Merry Christmas everyone , winds my hubby up when i start bopping around in the passenger seat, it came on as i was going on school run in the car with my daughter and Grandgirls this morn , we boogied away and the 5 and 8 year olds looked on disappovingly :) there is also a great video of a house and garden with christmas lights that flash along to gangham style online , really good but quite long xx

  • I just love music!! Can't even pick a favourite but 'It must be love' came on the radio this morning and cheered me up no end!

  • I love that song too Mary, instant feel good factor! :) xxx

  • QUEEN does it for me all the time....freddy mercury not the other! x

  • For me it will always be Ozzy, top of my list. But if I am in a really dark place then I go for death metal or black metal. It helps me think, deal and get over whatever is bugging me xxxxx

  • mine is if i could walk 500mile i could walk 500 more na na na, na na na na na na na brill song always gets me going,think this suits most of us xx

  • This is a nice uplifting tune by Alexis Jordan -

  • I find it impossible to be sad or grumpy when listening to The Beatles :)

    Otherwise I have many many feelgood albums, one of my absolute faves at the moment is Natalie Merchant's Leave Your Sleep. Also Panic At the Disco's Pretty Odd - I love that album!

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