Did you guess right ???

Thanks to all that replied to my little guessing game and the answer was if you did not get it right.The man is of small stature (midget) so he is only able to reach the 8th floor button when he returns home so he has to walk the remainder of the way.

If you would like to have another try at your detective skills then feel free to answer this little puzzle.

A young boy is travelling in a car with his dad when they are involved in a serious accident and the dad is killed. The young boy is rushed to hospital whereby the surgeon in the operating room turns to the nurse and says "I cannot operate on this boy he is my son" Answers please

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  • He's adopted 🐸

  • No !! the surgeon was his MOTHER !!

  • His mother is the surgeon.

  • Yes and yes and more yes well done Poiriot !!

  • Yep his mom is the surgeon

  • Horray you got it right enjoy your prize a date with David Cameron at the venue of your choice !! enjoy

  • Oh shoot and I got this one right and didn't see this post, OK helliboy, fire away, my mind is getting active, in fact message me so I get it ,,two I have missed now

  • The first answer was He is a midget therefore could not reach further than the 8th floor button. The second answer was the surgeon was his mother.

  • Yeah guessed Mother

  • Yep your correct your prize is a long stand !!

  • Of course he is a midget, thank you that was wonderful :)

    Next One:

    The obvious answer is that the surgeon is his mum? That sounds too simple? :)

  • Yes you are correct you have won 1st prize An evening at the theatre with Ian Duncan Smith...enjoy

  • WHOOO! I am making some silver bullets now! :) :)

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