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I have recently been fortunate to have been referred to a rheumy, she was lovely and I was finally diagnosed with FM. She has arranged for me to go to neuropathy for some more tests. Also she is arranging specialised physio and CBT for me (she's like my pocket angel now as well as finally a wonderful doctor (after many not some wonderful) who made this possible. Just wondering if anyone else has had physio and did it help??

I wish all a comfortable day. Karen x

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I have recently had physio and it did help, but I had to be very honest with the physio about my limits. I started off with just 2 very simple exercises (we focussed on lower back pain) for a couple of weeks and after a month or so I joined in a chronic back pain management group, which wasn't targetted at me, but the physios that ran the group help me learn to pace myself better at the exercises, where others were urged to push themselves a bit more. Try and think about what particular pain is causing you the most problems and work from there (I'm developing my core muscles to provide my entire body with more support).

Good luck, I hope it works well for you


Thanks Lucy, was going to say that it can't hurt but it most probably will (haha) But i'm open to anything that may help. x


Hi kmc-cudsleepforaweek

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am delighted that you have had this positive experience, I think it is wonderful.

I have now started my physio, which was delayed because I had an accident last year. I found this very positive, in that she was understanding and approachable about my Fibro. She has told me not to do some of the exercises on the standard sheets but to try the others and we can discuss any problems I have next time I go! So I am quite impressed by this!

I want to wish you all the best of luck with how it goes on and your CBT, it sounds really positive.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Karen, I'm a huge fan of physio, had 8 sessions privately then transferred onto NHS system, privately I went weekly but now the NHS one is seeing me monthly, we just concentrate on what area of my body is hurting most at that appointment. I've also had CBT, I didn't really understand the link between it and pain but have persevered, I do this online over a webcam. Hope this helps, good luck, Sheena x


thankyou so much sunnygirl2 for that response.

I have had CBT for depression before and that's why they offer it, my rheumy recognises how debilitating this condition is and how it has an effect on our emotional state. I didn't think it worked until I I needed to handle some terrible situations and without knowing it I was a lot more in control of my emotions. Stick with it as you never know when you will need to use all of your inner resources.

I hope you are ok today. I am having a not so bad day today (been a while) so making good use of it and doing some work. Take care and have a good weekend x


Hi Karen,I was recommended both from my Rheumatologist too. The first physio was private and it really helped, was going weekly for 8 weeks and did my exercises religously, when funding ran out I was transferred to the NHS and didn't expect much in the way of appts but they've been great, as good a private really, was discharged form Physio last week as she felt I could do all the exercises on my own, and I do. I've enrolled at a Pilates class too, (privately) I was given 10 session of CBT via the Big White Wall, very sceptical about this but couldn't praise it enough, only got one session left now, due in June, hope this helps, Sheena , x


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