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Count ur blessings update - further prayers needed

Hi all

As a few group members have asked me to keep them informed in relation to my brother in laws health situation i have decided to post an update. For those who read my previous blog you will be aware how we were recently knocked sideways when my youngest sisters husband and loving dad to their 2 young boys aged 9 & 2 yrs received the news that his kidneys were diseased and as a result were currently functioning at just 10% of their normal capacity necessitating a transplant.

Tony & claire were initially shocked and devastated then humbled and grateful that several family members quickly came forward and offered to act as a donor. Unfortunetly the situation has now deteriorated and we learnt yesterday that contary to what we were first told tony now requires a double organ transplant in order to both survive and thrive. This means he needs two kidneys and a pancreas. Apparently tonys diabetes has contributed to the problems with his kidneys and a new pancreas is needed to ensure his diabetes is controlled and cannot destroy the new kidneys. This treatment would be tonys best shot at a full life but due to issues like suitability, availability, physical & emotional health, costs, etc it remains to be seen if tony will be a suitable candidate.

So what are his other options??? Whilst it was first thought a single transplanted kidney would save his life, further testing has now determined that a single transplant will buy him time but is not a cure; it would comdemn him to a life on dialyis where at the age of 37 he would be confined to bed and plugged in2 a machine for at least 3 days a week.

As you can imagine Tony is very concerned that life on dialyis will limited his ability to work, study, be a proper hubby and daddy and have the energy to play with his boys.

Also he has just discovered that a transplanted organ only has a shelf life of 15 yrs so he will be placed bk into the same situation in a relatively short period of time only this time with the added complication of being older.

So thats the situation at the minute so im asking my fibro family for prayers so if you can spare a min, pls offer up a wee prayer for tony, claire, reece(9) and luis(2)

P.s. thank you for your support :-) Dixie xx

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Oh Dixie yet more concern and worry for you. I send my prayers and thoughts may a double transplant be suitable and the family holds on tight through the fight a head of them. I wish them loads of luck xxgins


really sorry to hear your news Dixie,,, My prayers go out to you all.....

Iam of to church on sunday will put tony in our pray healing book ...

Good bless

Debbie xxx


Oh dear Dixie how very sad for you all. I will indeed remember you and your family in my prayers. Hang on to the fact that there is still hope and advances in medicine are happening all the time. Miracles do happen every day in our hospitals.

Love to you all. Jane x


Thank you all :-) its times like this that you realise how precious family nd frriends are and we will tackle this together as a family bouyed up by well wishes, practical support and prayers. Where theres life theres hope and we will cleave to that mantra.

My family whom i've have shown these comments are so touched that virtual strangers, whom themselves have to face many daily struggles in life, would take the time to offer their sympathy and support . They have asked me to pass on their deep gratitude and to let you know they will also pray for you all that god will hold you up in whatever trials life may send. God bless

Dixie xxx


Thinking of you and your family xxxx


god bless and will pray for you tonight lots of lovexxxx


Oh my goodness Dixie, it just keeps coming at you at the moment, you poor thing. I am praying with my heart and soul that everything works out for you all. Bless you all, sending love and light too! Take care. x


Hi Dixie sorry to hear that things are worse than previously thought still thinking of you all and praying things work out for you and yours best wishes . Sithy


Hi Dixie

Oh dear god, its like you get one thing sorted & then comes along another problem. I can fulky understand hkw you are all feeking as a family. We were the same when my brother first had his accident & now the recent Big change jn his life.

I will say a healing prayer for your brother in law to Arch Angel Raphael the Gaurdian Angle of healing. I will also pray to Arch Angel Michael the Gaurdian Angle of love & light The Protector.

Healing prayers & wishes sent your way.

Luv & Hugs



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