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Count your blessings

I know fibro is a terrible affliction and i would never downplay the painfull debilitating impact it has on the individuals physical, mental, emotional personal private working and social life. But just sometimes in life something happens to remind you to count your blessings however small. Today my family buried a much loved, treasured and respected aunt who sadly lost her, thankfully brief, battle with cancer. Today I am blessed to have known this strong,caring, brave, honest and honourable woman. Today I am blessed to stand among a loving extended supportive family to bid her farewell. Today I am blessed to still be alive to feel the sun on my skin, hear the birds sing their evensong, stesl a hug from my children and smile laugh and cry at the beautiful memories my wonderful aunt left behind. Yes my life might at times be restricted and pain a constant companion I am blessed because im alive x may ur blessings be many x x

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Bless you Dixies daughter lovely words and very true.

Jax xx


Hi Sorry to hear about your loss. Your Aunt sounds a lovely lady. What you have said is so true. Soft hugs take care Marg xx


That goes for me too Dixiesdaughter, bless you. Count your blessings, very true :)


Thanx all :-)


The old saying is true - there IS always someone worse of than yourself.

Or as M Python said (altogether now ....)

Always look on the bright side of life

de dum de dumdedum dedum de dum (go on check the de dums out loud I dare you :-) )

Julie xx


hi i so agree with what you say i have put a similar thing in many of my blogs that we must count ourselvs lucky so well done you and so sorry for your loss i hope with time it will get easier for you time is a great healer although we dont forget them

ir has been a year aug 25th since my nan died i thinmk it is the first year that is the worse love to you diddle xxxx


Hi julie lol i actually sang the de dums out loud :-) the life of brian iz a brilliant film it always makes me laugh :-) x

Hi diddles thanx for the reply :-) I believe positivity is one of the best tools in the fite back against fibro. It isnt always easy to remain positive and like all on here ive had my share of dark days :-((( but where theres life theres hope. I agree r lov ones never really leave us cuz we keep them alive in our hearts nd minds. Prayers goin out that god grants you nd ur family courage and strenght to face ur nans first anniversary - do sumthing nice in her memory. Xx


Hi DixiesDaughter You are truly a very special person. The comments you made are so true.That is exactly you way i live my life. I never look to far ahead but if can get out my bed and manage my stairs i'm doing ok.I enjoy my good days and when i have a bad day, i always say to myself that tomorrow is another day.....

Gentle hugs xxl


Awww thanx shosho thats a lovely thing to say :-) glad ur one of lifes optimist too. Theres always a wee silver lining to every dark cloud if we look hard enuff!! Xxx


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