Moving Day

Hi everyone - moving this weekend, finally! Feel tired just thinking about it but can't wait to get settled in new home. Got eviction notice yesterday - baliffs banging on the door so all the neighbours could see. Why do they have to do that? Don't they know it's painful enough to lose your home of 18 years without having to totally embarress you into the bargain. My son & I, both with a disability - out on the street for all they care. I'd have been much better off financially if I'd have just gone on sick or dole when I lost my job but I like to work when I am able, it keeps me sane! Still waiting to hear from DLA, but not holding out much hope for a positive outcome on that one - ready for a fight!

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  • Aww bless you netticob

    Please dont be embarrassed by the balifs this situation is becomming more & more common and many people in the uk and beyond are finding themselvesin a similar situation due to the recession. Hold your head up you have no reason to be ashamed, you are a strong woman coping admirably with the hand that fate has dealt you even though both you and your son have health concerns you have tried to contribute to society by working when your health permits.

    I trully hope that your new home is a happy lucky place for you and that your are surrounded by decent community spirited neighbours. Continue to fight for the dla and any benefits which are rightly yours to claim. Remember you have paid your taxes, so let no one tell you differently :-) good luck and god bless to both you & your lad.

    Dixie xxx

  • I too wish you good luck, what an awful situation you find yourself in. I know some people who have hardly ever worked and claim every benefit going, I don't know why no one has caught up with them. I believe what goes around comes around. Then there are others through no fault of their own need help, like yourselves. Losing your home must be dreadful, lets hope as Dixie says that the move will be a good one for you. Blessings to you and yors. xx

  • good luck and god blessxxxx

  • Good luck. I hope your new home will bring you peace of mind, happiness and security.

  • I wish you every happiness in your new home, may it be a fresh start of something good for you and your son! xx

  • Good luck

  • Good luck in your new home, hope it brings you happiness xx

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