The Biggest Thing Of Moving

things are getting scary as when I move even though I am only going 5 mins down the road I have to change doctors , and I think I am starting to have a flere up because of the stress of it .

They have said that I am to have on operation on my back to try to stop the pains in my legs but they can't sort the reason for the pain out I have to live with the proulaps discs and I now not only have 2 definitely 2 pending and more on the way so fun for me but I can deal with that as you all know how we deal with it day in day out . But all that is well are life .

But changing my doctor I think is the most scary thing in my life and that is even going through a messy devours. yes no I would go there again but changing doctors after hearing some of the hora story's about you docs I don't know how I am going to do it . can someone please tell me do I have to take the first doctor I go to or can I shop around to find the right one for me .

It is getting close now they are all trying to get all the paperwork done by end of November so I will be going in to Christmas and new year with on doctor . I could go to one that refuses me my meds

Ok end of wing so big mummy and friend hugs out to every one sorry for being so down

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  • Sorry, I've been with the same practice since I was born, it will be lovely in your new home, best wishes.

  • Try not to worry about changing doctors. Sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise! The new Drs might know more about Fibro. Wish you good luck on your move.

  • I burst into tears back in June when my gp of 12 years told me she was leaving as her husband is to ill for her to work , I understood but it turned out to be a good thing , I got the head of practice and I thought she was brilliant but he's been even better with me ,and I didn't think that was possible , I will keep my fingers crossed for you .


    Chris x

  • I am moving house next Wednesday and have to samefears. I did have the same GP for about 30 years and it has taken me narlyy 18 months to "train " the present one. You can look on the NHS website for doctors within the catchment area and as long as they are taking on new NHS patients you can just go along to them and sign on. I have read all the comments on the two nearest to my new home but am totally undecided.

    Some doctors state whether they have a particular interest or expertise e.g diabetes but you guessed it no one is interested in fibro.At my present practice I believe two of the docs think fibro is a psychological problem I was fortunate to have a doctor who believed in fibro as a physical illness. It is all rather scarey but hopefully we might both be lucky.x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are feeling so upset about having to change GP surgeries. I have pasted you a link below to the NHS GP finder, as you can register with any GP who is taking on patients if you fall within their catchment area. You can then change GP's as often as you like so long as you are living within their catchment area.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with finding another GP.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken

  • I think you can now stay with your dr when you move if you want to. People now have a dr where they work instead of where they live, if it is easier.

  • it says here you can stay if your GP allows you to.

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