Shock tactics

Hi All,

Has anybody found they have a flare after a shock? I had a bit of a brush with death on Sunday when a heavy glass shower screen crashed down into the bath mere moments after I'd got out. I was physically fine except for a couple of bruises where I'd started when it fell but was rather shocked and quiet all day. I did much less than I'd intended and mostly rested all day but yesterday I woke up feeling really fatigued and sore as if I'd overdone it and was paying the price. I'm wondering if it is just coincidence or whether other people have had similar reactions to shock.

(a very glad to be alive) Pat xx

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  • phew Pat! I'm very glad you're still alive too Pat, what a lucky escape! :)

  • So glad you are ok, it is quite likely after a scare like that, when you think about it you probably tensed up I'm not surprised it sparked a flare up, I hope you recover well xx

  • I bet you are after after that narrow escape. Yes I think your theory is spot on as alot of fibro pain is muscular and what do we do when we are frightened - tense our muscles. Even though relatively uninjured you still had a fall which of course is another shock.

    Be gentle with yourself for a few days whilst you get over this. Just glad you are relatively unscathed.x

  • I agree it's spot on!!

  • Glad you're ok. Yes I usually take a fright badly. X

  • Gosh that must have been very scary, and I'm sending you lots of positive vibes to help you through this trauma 😕

    Foggy x

  • I am so genuinely sorry that you had such a fright but I am sincerely relieved that you are okay! I can imagine that this has brought on quite a flare with the shock it. Please take care of yourself and rest.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • You are so lucky hope your ok I've noticed with myself if anything goes wrong flares up our pain,my fridge broke down over the weekend and its simple thing like that can stress you out.I only have to tell my kids off or having a row with the other half and I'm in such agony for days,but what you had to deal with would scare the life out of anyone, be thank full my dear,you was out of the way just in time.all the best

  • I am so glad your ok. But yes is the answer to your question, many time after any shock or in having my assessment l feel so bad for days.hope it soon easer off.

    Take care G

  • No definitely brings up a flare up in my book both shock and stress.

  • gosh, I'm so glad you weren't hurt x

  • Oh my, Pat! I've noticed they have recently* started showing very short warnings ("ads") on TV here about glass shower doors shattering. I have not yet seen any further info on this matter, but it seems to have become a big issue. I am sorry to hear this has happened to you, but I'm glad you were not inside, not hurt ...

    As for your question ~ I've had slight flares, or had to take some time to "recover" in the past, after a shock (even if it's just hearing bad news, rather than an actual physical thing).

    * I've been working on many pieces for my Fall/Holiday Shows, and watching more television as I do, so maybe I only just noticed these myself! If I see more, I will try to inform you ...

  • Thank you so much for all the lovely kind responses. It's what I love about our community. I'm much better now even if the insurance company has told me I have to foot the bill as it's classed as wear and tear. A small price to pay for life and liberty though xx

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