Good day

Good day

Will today was good for me. I didn't have to much pain today. My fiance and I we had to do some things today. When we got back home I was really tired. I was sleepy earlier tonight. Now I am not as sleepy. I hate it when I don't have a normal time to go to bed. It is getting to were I can't wear paints anymore. Because my skins feels like my skin is burned bad by the sun. I can't cross my legs because they hurt my bones. I have more things is going on with me. The picture I added is my fiance. His name is Jorge Sardiña. He takes care of me when I have a bad day if he is at home. When he does gets hone from work then he makes sure I don't need anything. I am thankful to have a good man that I have.


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  • Hello Mary,

    How wonderful on this carers week to acknowledge your lovely man <3 Well done you.

    Anyone with chronic pain......or any chronic illness needs genuine compassion and knowing they are loved as well as practical help :)

    Hope today is another good day for you xx

    TC Pea

  • I hope so to. To have another good day.

  • He has a wonderful face and kindness seems to radiate from him. You are very lucky so treasure him. I am sure in your own way you repay him for your kindness.

    Yes these things can happen with fibro even a vest somedays seems to much to cope with especially if there are any seams. Natural fibres seem to be the best for some reason.

    Yes it is awful when you have no sleep pattern and are tired when you don;t want to be and wide awake when you should be

  • So glad you have a wonderful guy to help you through the day when it gets a little tough.You make a lovely couple.

    Take care of yourself Mary xxxxxxx

  • He looks like a wonderful guy and I genuinely and sincerely hope that you have a wonderful life together.

    All my hopes and dreams for both of you


  • Hi Ken, He is a wonderful guy and thank you.


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