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My youngest daughter is off work this week so she went to Norwich city yesterday with her mate, she came home laiden with bags and not one thing was for her, she bought her little nephews high top trainers and tops . And she bought me a pink all in one fleece night suit it is lush, for me to lounge about in and also a big minnie mouse mug for my cup of tea and a minnie mouse bowl for my porridge and even though i felt like !!!!!!???!!!! (fill in yourself) that really cheered me up, i am so lucky i have got a wonderful supportive family and they too are on this journey with us we are not the peole we were and it must be hard when we all look like we did but just cant be how we used too and so they are learrning and adapting to this too, i jus hope all of you out there have got a caring person or people around you who understands or tries to , as it makea all the difference if you have. Take care all love to you Diddle xxxx

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As i type am sitting in fleece and sipping tea lol so yes lovely present . and yes some are not always as fortunate as others so extra big hugs to those people love to you diddle x


i feel lucky too my husband is really trying now to understand that i cant do what i used to ,and my eldest daughter is really great really lovely she cleaned the kitchen ,hoovered,cleaned bathroom,and got my 2yr old in his pjs its such a help

xxxx :-D


thats really lovely the whole family helping you must be hard for child to understand it is hard for us but bless them they can be sweet cant they bring tou to tears sometimes even my 4 year old grandson said to his mum i will take nanny dog out next time we go as she not well how can that not break your heart in two bless him enjoy your day love diddle x


my two boys (10 and 7) are amazing like that too - my youngest always gives my back a rub when he sees me and my eldest is always asking if there is anything he can do to help and they both always say they hope that I'm feeling better soon. It's hearbreaking, as I can no longer do the things with them that I used to and I find myself shouting at them over the stupidist of things (which I never mean) but can't help!! I'd be lost without my little men.


Aww didle this made me smile for you hun. :)

Its lovely.

kel xxx


That's so nice what a caring thoughtful daughter you have :0) x


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