How do I combat the total fatigue I am feeling?

I am suffering from total fatigue at the moment, every inch of my body feels like it is full of lead and getting heavier by the day. I am trying to keep active and walk my 2 dogs regularly as that's only fair to them, but I'm finding it so difficult to manage the fatigue right now. I am pacing myself and having a day of light activity then a day of just walking the dogs with a lot of rest but this doesn't work. If anyone has any ideas how to lower my fatigue levels they would be most appreciated.

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  • thanks Jules, have read this article and I am going to try and pace myself more, one of my dogs is not allowed to walk atm as she has injured herself, so going to try and keep a slower pace once she is back to normal.

  • Could you possibly have Sleep Apnoea, i have exactly the same problems and have just been diagnosed after a sleep test, its worth mentioning to your GP, because quite a few Fibro sufferers have it.

  • not got Sleep Apnoea my sister often hears me sleep and I dont have the classic symptoms but I do snore lol. Will ask my doctor about it next time I see him thanks for the advise xx

  • It is the worst for me too physical and mental fatigue, pains are all over the body but can not stand normally sleep well but I'm always tired when I wake up I feel good but when I start to do something my arms are too heavy it is as if someone stole my energy, I am very frustrated because I'm an active person and also do not like my eyes have always looks horrible as if drugged, now use glasses always hide, because sometimes people ask what is happening me because I have very strange eyes. It is not easy to live with fibro but we must be strong.

  • I was diagnosed with CFS about 20 years ago and was told it would go away if I rested, so much for drs knowledge, I do suffer from it frequently even though most drs don't believe it exists. Mine is very good and is learning about Coliac disease because I also have that along with milk intolerance and 4 bowel disorders and asthma. Really I think I should be out down lol

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