How long after Mtx to take Folic Acid

My Rheumy has just increased my Mtx from 15mg to 20mg and Folic Acid 5mg from once a week to 5mg every day except Mtx day. The Folic Acid dose does seem to be a massive increase but I will do what I am told. The only problem is that I normally take my Mtx at 7pm and I was only told not to take Folic Acid on that day. I want to get into a routine of taking the Folic Acid in the morning and was not told how long after taking the Mtx I should take the FA. I have read that the FA can effect the action of the Mtx. How does everyone else take their meds and is 5mg of FA daily a safe amount?

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  • Hello there

    I take 5mg of Folic Acid every day, as prescribed by my GP. Unfortunately I Don't know what Mtx is, so can't help with that.

    Wishing you wellness and peace

    Lu xx

  • Good morning, it is important when we are taking a mixture of different medications to ensure that we get the time right for taking them so that they do not interact with each other, and to ensure that you are taking the correct dose.

    The safest way to get an answer to your question is to either speak to your Dr. or to a Pharmacist as they are trained in these matters. Another way is to read the Patient Information leaflet that comes with your pills, or to do do a search on the internet by typing in the question, or the name of the medicine. As we are not Medics, just people with Fibro and other issues, it would be unsafe to advise you on how or take your meds.

    I hope you get answers soon, so that you can get started on your new regime of meds, and that you get the desired results.

    Best Wishes.

    GP. 😊

  • Hi there, I take 25mg Mtx on a monday and 5mg folic on friday.

    I would question a daily folic intake with your dr or hospital. Maybe a misunderstanding somewhere? Take care xx

  • Hi

    I probably should have added that I had a blood test that showed I was extremely low in folate and my doctor prescribed Folic Acid for this reason.

    I am not medically trained.

    Lu xx

  • I would either ring your pharmacist or GP surgery and ascertain what they say? I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I take methotrexate saturday & sunday and folic acid tuesday, wednesday & thursday.

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