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I am gonna have another Grandson thats no 3 woo hoo all was well and he was kicking about so much she has got to go back next week so they can take measurements but all is ok and one thing was certain it was boy so he is due 16th Jan 2013 woo hoo i cant wait i have just been out and bought a wicker laundry basket with blue and white gingham inside it and put lots of things in for my new little grandson they have already got a name but they are keeping it a secret i know wht it is but they want to wait until he is born until they announce it but its a beautiful name so am glad its a boy

i am so verty happy today and my birthday is tomorrow so what better present could i ask for

love to you all diddle xxxxxx

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Congratulations Diddle - another little man to spoil xx


Fantastic, so we both have little boys due in January!



Congratulations Grandma isn't it great the anticipation I can still remember waiting for my grandson. Congratulations again


How lovely being a grandma again Diddle & a lovely start to 2012. luv M xx.


Grandchildren are such a blessing I am really on edge as my daughter has just gone into hospital in labour she was due on monday exciting times Sue x


oh sue this is the worst bit fora mum the wait at home i drove mydaughter to hospital in labouyrthe 1st time as her partner could not drive then and iwalked hernup to the labour ward with him and then had to leave her with her partner who was fantasyic but i got back tio the cr and sobbed in the car park lol

the 2nd time i had to meet them at the hospital and take my 1 st grandson homw tith me and again to see her walking along the path then doubling over was awful it really was as there is nothing yoi can doto help them

i do hope that there is a blog on here in the morning as now going off from you with its a ?????? i wish ou luck and i wont say relax as i know how i was everytimethe phone went lol and you can bet the world and his wife will call you tonight love to you diddle xxxx


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