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am sure my little brain is slowly frazzling is yours? on a serious note

it seems as time as gone on even though like as now i know what am doing etc, but i cannot remember things (possibly hormonal but dr doing nothing since result of brain MRI)

i have given up the payroll as i was so fluent and now i have to go over and over and over things.

adding things up i have to repeatedly do it.

Bills am slowly forgetting !

Even my Car insurance was done via email so could print off a 3 months ago! i forgot and have only just rememberd as was thinking about the Tax and MOT in OCT/Nov.

i have an extremely short term memory and i also repeat so much.

hubby even has to make sure i have put my car keys where i will find next morning in a certain place!

i constantly leaving my keys in engine and walking off

mobile phone (wheres me keys wheres me phone) TRUE!!

i had to even ask how to make something as i had a moment and could not think at all.

I have searched for car for aaages LOL and realised in another car!

I have done this before aswell in a car parking tower building and had to get security as i swore blind it was in a certain place , almost reportd missing to find 3 buildings for the shopping centre lol ..

I know things are happening because i never was like this before but i say to the Dr and nothing is being done apart from what i am doing now with Lyrica and pain relief meds as much as they sent me to Rheumo, pain management, Neurologists and neuro surgeon,.. is this just a part of it does it stay stable or does it get worse!! ?? theres so much more but thats all i can think of

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Hello Fairycazze, I can most certainly relate to all you say! It could have been written for me in fact! I spend my life back tracking trying to find something I've mislaid. Yes I have lost the car too, completely forgotten where I had parked it, telephoned hubby in a state saying the car had been stolen! Hubby turns up in our other car and we spend ages looking for my car, only to find it's nowhere near where I said I'd parked it! So infuriating isn't it!

If you click on the link below it will explain a bit more about memory loss and Fibromyalgia -

The article tells us that memory problems are in fact cognitive disruptions.

The link below from our main site also mentions memory loss as a symptom of Fibromyalgia -

There is no certainty that our memory problems will worsen and there is some evidence that we can actually improve our short term memory with relaxation and meditation, see info on link below -


Interesting. Thanks x


Fibro fog, is such a great saying, I do struggle and have done for many years, but I guess for me I was happy when I heard the term Fibrofog as it ment I was going mad lol, Maybe you have to make it very clear to your GP that you are getting stressed with it and want more test hope you get it sorted hugs xx


I completely agree Tess, once I had heard of Fibro Fog and short term memory loss, It all made sense! I knew I wasn't losing the plot and it was my Fibromyalgia causing these things.

As Tess suggests, if you are worried or think your meds aren't actually helping you, it might be worth having a chat with your GP to see if your meds need reviewing. :)


ohh Thank you for your help!! ppl friends, family all say ohhh it is your age and hormones, but quite frankly i believe it is not and i think the close ones in my life just say it to keep me happy!

It is frustrating because it is affecting work, not only the physical side has been taken but now i feel my brain is on its way some where else. I am missing customers, appointments and i feel such a hypochondriac as i live at the Gp's or phoning all the time (in phases)

The pills i take are Magic for me or i no idea how i would cope daily.

I will loook at the links Thanks ADMIN

There is much a funny side to things as well as it has to be or we crack up!

the clinical Neurophyscologist (Brain Specialist) wants me to have sessions and he says its tiredness..but he was not paying attention as it is not something that is ok one day and noth ext it has gradually become more and more.

I am going to have the sessions however, so that i can give my experience.

He says he sees a Judge from HIgh court and even that for him is quite an experience.

As a judges Mentality is high,

I see Steve Kemp who my Neurologist says is one of the Top guys in UK . so i do feel rather blessed as i could not afford this if privately paying.

Thank you again xxxxx I hope we can all remember who we have spoken to today lol and nnot repeat hehehe


Our pleasure Fairycazzie, regarding the links. Typing this now or Fibro Fog might kick in and I will forget by tomorrow haha! ;)


:-) thanks a billion xx



I have given up doing my own books as one day the figures add up to a figure and the next it is different. I feel like my IQ has dropped and that is sad as well as frustrating. I don't trust myself sometimes and put things down never to been seen again. Last week I put my only pair of jeans in the bin instead of the wardrobe. There are days when I could cry with the shere frustration of my fibro fog. I think the worst is I can't spell nowadays and when I read back my messages I feel I can come accross as stupid. All my facebook friends have learnt to decipher my messages which is good and they never make me feel ashamed.

Once you get a clear MRI the neuro doesnt want to see you again and has actually said to my gp when he rerefered me, no point nothing I can do for her. Now that is depressing.

Good job I can on most days see the funny side of fibro fog.

Well now you know there are lots of us fibro foggers xx


Pretty much how i am and so frustrating that things that were once so fluent are now to scratch my head !!

It is one thing your physical side but the mental side starts getting to you, as i have to deal with customers day in day out and organise and i cannot get head round it all.

I told Neurologist i wanted to expand, he replied no reason you can't!! Hmmm i so beg to differ.

I want to believe i can yet other side says hiw?!! If

They try say its the fatigue but it so is not to me.

My left eye has been getting a cloudy sheen and i have problems seeing but then it goes . Since my neck went again for the 4th time in a yr.

I still got determination at times but then feel like closing down.

no idea what my customers think but guess lucky still got some still with me!

Well we all have to stick together to help each other as we understand it even if put siders dont.

Some bits are hilarious with silly moments but in your mind you know yourself your not the same any more xxxx soft huggles xxxx


Any chance of you employing a manager so you could expand some, even part time?

So glad now I am not working, the stress was getting to me and the snide remarks too. I know I could not manage even a simple daily routine on many days now.

I have cloudy eyes too, sometimes for hours now.

I wish you the best in coping and expanding xx


There was a recent study and it was posted on here in March I think. I did copy it but since then my computer been going more fibro fog than me. His research says that it shows on brain scans that the blood flow stops to our left brain on times.

I feel really stupid now too but have banned myself from calling me stupid any longer. I keep loosing things that are right in front of me?

Can you imagine a group of us on like a daytrip ha x


I'm like this all of the time, I have sticky notes and calendars to help out. I go in the bathroom and forget what for lol. I've learned to laugh at myself helps a lot :)


hi yes me too, i have calenders to remind me to look at calenders, and notepads in every room, and reminders on my fone, but guess what i sometimes forget to look at them all lol,,, oh the fun of fibrofog myagia, what did we do before we all got this crazy illness, well on the bright side i feel i have gained a whole bunch of lovely new friends . tc, tomorow is always fresh to start again xxsoma


I hate it when I keep forgetting things I need from upstairs and have to keep running up and downstairs, not literally running tho,lol. Can do without that. My main symptoms of fibro are fog and memory loss. I have both every day, all day. SOOOOO frustrating.


It is very frustrating! I deal with my customers daily and take diary and still have to check the days work. Am forgetting them ohh alsorts lol

But suppose we all together on this one xx support each other



You know your memory is bad when you have notes to remind you to look at notes about notes lol! That's me! Reminders to look at reminders all over the place! Messages by the front door to make sure I literally fall over them so as not to forget something! Now where did I put my memory . . . . . dum de dum, it went years ago . . . . ;)


Lol thats it i say tum te tum he he, even hubby makes sure i know where keys are for car! He locks it up most nites! I leave keys in engine. Went to a house today, got things out of boot, left boot up which is like a door! As landrover, left car door open, keys in engine, i phone on seat and bag on flior and completely forgot!!! Eek only a neighbour to house in a village could not pass ! I had left it like that over half hour :-O lol whats next?!? Xxx


I am exactly the same Fairycazzie! I even tried to get into the wrong car the other day thinking it was my husband's car, the crazy thing is that he was standing right by me at the time haha! We just accept these things as normal now lol! If you try to see the funny side of things sometimes it helps doesn't it! :)


Lol omyygoodness i have tried wrong cars, you have to see funny side . As we would get too down! I know we do get down pardon how i put that but all the silly bits if you see it as funny then it makes getting through it easier.



I shower & wash my hair every other day as it's too exhausting daily. I was always forgetting whether I showered yesterday or the day before. I use an empty HRT container, it's a flat disc shaped thing with days of the week on it & you turn it round to get the tablet out. I have put drips of red nail varnish on alternate days so I can see when to shower. This is a genius idea that works perfectly..................if only I could remember to turn the dial every time!!!!!!

Fibro fog drives me mad, if I am wearing clothes without a pocket, I am forever putting my mobile down somewhere & then can't find it. I then have to ring it from my landline to find out where it is!!!


I am almost daily getting my sons to ring me so I can find my phone lol! :)


I've rung mine 3 times in a morning!!! Not sure if I'm safe to be out on my own sometimes!!! Lol!


I am the same with my fibro fog but it's taking itself to a new level, I told myself to day I would make that important phone call I've been putting off, and what did I do this afternoon? sat watching a (sad), movie about a woman with a brain disease, did'nt read the info of it properly because it was also about her daughter beein killed the the colombine school in the U.S., was a good film, but I clean forgot the call I had to make, I thought to myself that with my brain the way it is now, I'm really not capable of concentrating on anything for a long time, hope that eases up a bit though, my family laugh at my attempts at crosswords, not been mean they just think my brain fog is hilarious, I don't really ....


Do you remember in Quantum Leap how Sam Beckett used to say he had a mind like a Swiss Cheese? That's me! Bl***y great holes in my brain where important things (like birthdays) used to be ..... yet the MRI's say no lesions! Well I know better - my memory is patchy, old long forgotten things suddenly resurface as if they have never been away (eg lieing in my pram listening to the rain on the hood) and my dog is better organised than I am (at least she knows which cushion she burried her bone under).

I keep forgetting that I've supposed to make nagging phone calls to hospitals to find out results of CAT scan from Urologist, blood tests from Rheumotologist and what has happened to my referal to the CFS service at my local hospital. Ohh well if I don't remember tomorrow there is always Monday I suppose!

Julie xx


I can so relate to this, I was thinking it WAS my age! I would forget my own head if it wasnt stuck on! I lose my glasses, spend ages looking for them and find them on my head! I needed a hole punch, bought one, put it in a safe place and its STILL in that safe place and Ive had to buy another one :-( It doesnt help my confidence and self esteem when i have my 17yr old foster placement (female Kevin) saying "God youve told me that 3 times now" "Yes I know youve already told me" "Is it your age that you keep forgetting" and believe me its not said in a gentle way as our loved ones probably would...she can be so cutting. She actuually said to me yesterday "Why do you have a razor? I didnt know OLD PEOPLE still shaved" lol lol I have to laugh or I would cry :-)


P.S. I am 54yrs old by the way!!! and old! lol


Youngsters think anyone over 25 are so old. You are one of a special group of us now so find your self asteem again and say at least you have an excuse for all your crazy ways. xx


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