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How do i get any help?

Ok i was diagnosed around 3/4weeks ago. I have been like thiis now for over a year now. One Dr told me in his words not mine " you cant come to a dr and expect him to be able to treat you when its just your life thats crap" #changedr

I have.

But now what??

My rhumatologist said he will send my details to a support group but i havnt heard anything yet.

Hydrotherepy will contact me soon ii hope

Thanks for any advice in advance.

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My goodness Kerry, I would be high tailing it off to a different doctor and reporting the dr who spoke to you like that for misconduct, how dare he speak to you like that !!!

My other advice would be to ask of a referral to a pain management clinic, and if your rheumy is putting you in touch with a support group that will help.

I am sure that one of our lovely volunteers will be able to give you some proper links to help too, coming here though is a good idea, I've been here a while and the support, friendship and advice I have had has been second to none, so welcome to the best place for support.

Foggy x


Thankyou foggy

I did change my dr still at the same surgery but now i will only see dr greene. She was amazing. She told me straight away what was wrong with me and refered me to rhumy.

I have been proweling this site now for a bit and thought i would ask for advice today. I will be seeing the fm group at salford manchester. I tried to comtact the bolton group with no luck i think they must have gone back to bed.

Thanks again foggy

Kerry x


You're very welcome Kerry, do pop in on the blogs page as sometimes we have some very lighthearted and uplifting silly posts, which take your mind off things for a while and I have found very good fun to be involved with :-)

Foggy x


You might find the articles on Becoming An Expert Patient on the FibroAction website helpful:

There is also a support group directory. Usually you have to contact them and arrange to get to meetings yourself:


Hiya LindseyMid

I looked on the support group directory as im closest to Bolten i e-mailed them and tried ringing with no luck im affraid.

Kerrykell x


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