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hi guys im new to here x

i have just recently been diagnosed with fybromyalgia :( i have been sufferering for over 10 years with tiredness, pain and depression, now i know what its doen too. i thought i was an alien in this planet, i just couldnt understand as i have been very active in my working and personal life. im just so glad ive got a name for it now. pitty some people dont understand, just like my ex didnt, he thought i was a fake! and thats why i say ex lol, got rid!

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Hello and welcome to our forum Gilz! Good to have you with us! :)

We are all here for you, we understand too. Most of us have been through similar issues with people not understanding, family not understanding, employers too.

I found when I eventually got my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, that I wasn't actually going round the bend, I did have something wrong with me and that helped. It's so hard at the beginning having all these symptoms and not getting anywhere or getting any answers either.

Take a look through our Questions, Blogs and Tags, there is a wealth of information there, also advice, support, personal experiences, friendship too! Any worries or concerns, please ask us, we are only too happy to help. We are always here for you as we are for each other. We are all in the same boat here and many of us have other health conditions as well as Fibro, so we cover pretty much everything.

Take care and enjoy your time with us Gilz! :D


Hi Glitz,

Welcome to you, I am fairly new myself and this page is keeping me going, great advise to be had.

Hugs x


thanks very much guys x


Hi Gilz,

Welcome to this wonderful forum, I too believed i was an alien from the planet Zog !!

Hugs x x x


Welcome to our fibro family, yes at least when you have a diagnosis you know what you are fighting xx


HI glitz i hope you are getting used to your diagnosis far from being aliens we are unique ! we don't do things by half and usually manage to tag other conditions on as well , oh well we wouldn't want the Drs to get bored lol x


lol thanks guys for your warming comments xx glad im on board with real people thats similar to me, its a wing im being sheltered with and not feeling so alone :) x hugs to all xx


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