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5 hours in A&E!!!!

It wasn't for me though but for my youngest son, he's 11. First day at High School and now he has to take the day off!

Thankfully its just a bad sprain, not a break. He likes to do free-running aagghhhhh! As you can guess we do spend a few days of our lives in the hospital! He twisted it twice, one was then the next as he landed badly on a high jump, as high as the house he informs me......i think he has fisher-mans guage for size hahaha

Anyway long story short, he did it at around 5.30ish, hobbled home, had a warm soak in the bath with radox. Still sore. Then it started to swell more and his cute little toes started to resemble party sausages! So, I phoned my good ol' Dad, explained what had happened. He let out a big sigh and said he would come to take us to A&E. Bless him, he's a spritely 71yr old and lives closer to the hospital than we do! So at around 9pm he drove the 15 miles or so from his house to mine to take us 20miles to the hospital! Past his house!

Anyway, we finally left at 1.45am. No bandage but some good advice and a pair of crutches (which got him over the disappointment of not having it in pot!) so now he has a day off school :-( oh the joys. Now im up at the crack of dawn for my daughter going to school zzzzzzz

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Lol with kidz your never far from a drama or a hospital. Hope your wee man heals quickly & well and gets loads of sympathy from the girls and admiration and back slapping from the boys at school thats what makes every injury worthwhile lol.

Dixie xx


hi and bless him thayts typical i remember ny niece had 6 weeks off then decidedto braek her at==rm 2 years ago the day before they went back and you normally findthey lose a toothor get a briuse when the school photographer comes round and you have o wait a whole year to have another pic

i do hope he is better soon bless him love diddle x


Lol Dixie, well im hoping he doesn't get too much praise and sympathy, he might do it again! Anyway the doctor was dishy hehe so not all bad :-D

Yes fiddle the infamous gummy smile of a 6-8yr old school pictures! All part of growing up.

I think 2 of my 4 kids should have their own named chair in hospital, they have spent long enough there over the years!! :-/

im so tired now. He has to pick a time when my Fibro wants to sleep all the time! He could have done it a few weeks ago IN the school holidays and when Fibro wouldn't let me sleep. Typical.

Oh well roll on tomorrow when both are at school and I have a quiet day all to myself :-)


wow hope he enjoyed his first day though?

also can he go to school tomoz on crutches?you must be shattered ?i miss all that with kids and school runs so much?

try and go back to bed if you can after your daughter has gone.x


I did just that Sammy, im awake but my lad still in bed!! Haha well if he's asleep at least I can't hear him whinging lol.

He's off to school on crutches tomorrow but Dr stressed to him that he needs to walk on it to prevent it seizing up. I think he is proud of the crutches tho lol

Right id best get a shower and dressed seeing as its after lunch!

Enjoy the sunshine everyone


My son was the same, we joked that we needed to camp in A&E! he used to get really bad asthma, which needed nebulisers regularly, also he was accident prone, breaking his han also his elbow, and fracturing his skull on dofferent occasions.

he was a nightmare!

Cheers, Midori


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