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I have my first physio appointment in the morning and i dont know what to expect. Has anybody had physio and what did they do? What questions should i be asking and has anybody had a letter from their physio to help with dla? I just dont know if it is cheeky if i ask for a letter on my first visit but i need to have my apeal in by the 1st of july.

Thankyou, hugs, kel xxxxx

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Hi Kel.

Good luck with the physio. I hope it helps. Remember it's YOUR body, so ask as many questions as you need to, to be comfortable with the treatment you're getting.

As far as the letter is concerned, it's another professional opinion to add to your case, so I should ask - maybe at the end of the session. After all, your physio is being paid to treat you, and anything that helps you should be included in that. And they're not psychic - they don't know you want it unless you tell them - lol! At the end of the day you haven't got that letter now, so even if they say it's not something they can do, you haven't lost anything.

good luck.


Thanx kaz,

I am just abit nervous, i am not very confident with things like this. He is part of the Cfs team so i think he deals with it all the time. I just hope he will be nice with me. lol.

I need to help with my legs as i dont walk properly and i hope he will try and get me walking like i should as i think thats why i have so many problems walking. I am hopeing anyway.

hugs, kel xxxx


Well, at least he sounds like he should be fairly knowledgeable about the problems - always a help when you don't have to educate the health professionals to start off with - lol!

I would tell him you're feeling nervous. If you're up to it, make a joke of it - think of the most ridiculous thing - like maybe he's going to put you on the rack and stretch you like the medieval torture..... And then you'll relax a bit more, and he'll understand that you're nervous!

I'm sure it'll be fine. And you always seem positive and friendly on here, so just be yourself.

I really hope it helps you.



Aww thankyou, I feel a bit better now. :)

I will let you know how i get on.

hugs, kel xxxxx


Thanxs chris,

I know i shouldnt be worrying too much and i havent thought about it until my dads just phoned asking what time i need picked up. I think my anxiety is having a funny do on me lol.

I suppose it can only help though ehhh?

hugs, kel xxxxx


Hi Kel all the best with Physio and like Chris says i should imagine they will talk more about physio and what programme will be set in place and how it will help each part of your body and the parts that do not like it tehn i guess will try something else. Your body can only do what it will allow you to do!

I remember when my neck problems started and were trying to figure out what was wrong and the MRI results confirmed the physio and the questions are to assess what the problem is (no one wanted me lol) tuts. I would do things and they would say do something and i would be like...but am tryyyyyyying!!!

My brain was not sending correct signals to the correct parts and anyway results showed why!! but at time you feel nervous, thick and as if your doing it deliberatly but i was actually shocked to what i could 'not' do more than anything,

So after your talks and then the session starts they will know exactly what should be doing and your body will be the answer and they should then know whether you will benefit from further help.

Like you with the legs i try deny my legs have a problem but i know they do because i dont walk in strides anymore when walking anywhere and notice i have a funny walk at times lol all i need is some flippers and i will look like a penguin :-/ hahaha.

Nice easy relaxing breaths as they say sometimes breeeeath in breath out gently and slowly ....its ok we give help and advice lol and when it happens to me am like....omg go away go away go away hahahaha

good luck and let us know what happens and you know where else to find me aswell xxxxxxx huggles


Thanxs hun,

I feel abit better about it now, its just the unknown with me i would rather know what i am facing. I just hope he will help but i am not pinning my hopes on it.

I wil let you know what happens hun. :)

hugs, kel xxxx


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