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Morning All

:)Do any of you suffer from the shakes? Today I am suffering with leg and arm shakes. When I try to walk I am exceedingly un firm no just walking backwards when I am moving forward but wobbly needing both sticks.

The day started with the usual tinnitus and then sudden blocked nasal passages as if I had thick cold face ache which hasnt gone the nose is no breathing normally but I returned to bed for an hour as I could not see to read. Now I am shaking I do not understand . I shall probably go and lie down as eyes are sore.

This is not what the day was going to be but hay you have to laugh when its the nicest day of the week and the sun is shining brightly :) wobbly hugs to you all xxgins

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Hugs to you I been so poorly since yesterday so afternoon we had so much diy planed for today but instead I am in bed feeling so ill why hope you feel better soon take care xx


Awww gins, sorry, that sounds horrid for you. I have essential tremor which means my hands shake all the time, but nothing like you are experiencing, I really hope it eases off very quickly, if not it's off to the dr's with you tomorrow........Foggy's stern instructions.... You must take it easy, keep your poor eyes shut as much as possible and don't attempt to do much if anything at all. I too am having a lovely bout of tinnitus, have got the measure of it now, it comes and stays a while then departs but comes back, each time at a different pitch or a different noise which is irritating, but I remember so well when I first had it how kind you were, so I am sending you the rarified Foggy hugs ((gins)) and hope you feel better really really soon.

Foggy x


Morning gins,so sorry to hear your so unwell.I also get some slight shaking of my muscles but nothing like yours.Iam also very poorly ATM so can truly emphasis.Make sure you have lots of rest today.Iam also sad as I wanted to go out but alas plans have once again changed :( I think you need one of zebs coudle couches and some soothing relaxing fluffies :D


Hi Gins sorry you are poorly if it continues I also advise a chat with your GP, how long have you been suffering these spells? :o

I get them too which is why I'm on the pregabalin maybe its time to up the dosage. In the meantime your body is trying to tell you to rest and to stop doing so much. Its possible that the week of visitors had you running on adrenaline so it masked how your body was really reacting until you stopped still. ;)

Have you got the remote, your cuppa and the dog? Is the OH comfy? :)

.......... well its now time to put your feet up and I Zebedee boing shall be magic tashing it to you to check that you are ok................. and resting!!! :O

Only a message away gins xx ;) xx

:) xxxzebxxx :)


I get the shakes too, not all of the time but when I do they're so tiring :( Hope you feel better soon.


hi Gins

Just about to write a post about trembling. Hope you feel better.

Tannels x


Hi gins, yep, I get the trembles too. Think it's your body trying to tell you to rest. When I was at physio, my arm started visibly shaking when the physio tried to lift my arm up. She said it's the body's answer to pain. My dentist said when my jaw started doing it to during an examination, that it was due to the muscles being tight as I'd been clenching my jaw.

Think the wet, damp weather is affecting us all today!

Gentle Hugs To All,

Julie xxx :-)


Hi Gins

Hope it has all eased up for you. I sometimes feel as if I'm shaking but I'm not, really strange. Take it easy.

Is xx


It moved from my arms to my legs weird. Then stomach hurt on and off all day but that has stopped now I hope thanks for your support everyone I appreciate it xxxx


Thank you all helped me to smile Thanks guys xxxgins


Hi Gins yes I get the shakes in my hands and head I also get weakness in my legs horrible! I am forever spilling cups of coffee etc or not being able to write properly it can be very tiring I also find my head shakes even when I am watching the telly. I also get the sore eyes and the blurring can't even see the telly very well at times, I have to wear glasses for reading but now I find I need them to even see my food on the plate in front of me :( it has all got worse over time. I am so sorry your not feeling well I do hope you feel better soon, sending you very gentle fluffy chocolate hugs xxx


Butterfly girl thank you for your loving support with everyones good wishes I feel tons better :) I find my acceptance of my situation is sometimes low but I feel empowered now. :) Gentle hugs to you xxgins


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