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Falling in Love again- I have just spent ages harping on about beds comfort bedroom taxes and hammocks them my computer took it all away

a blink and all my funny little quips gone - so now what do it all again no way- it is boring to repeat it all so now I shall look forward to a new week MORNING WEEK

it is going to be good be positive . I shall go out today havent been out for a week! So fresh air will help big busty breadths of it - counghing already- enjoy everyone xgins

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Yes it's a new week so lets be positive. Do you sleep in a hammock Gins that's very brave of you.. Do you sling it between two trees or does it hang on hooks from your ceiling. Enjoy your outing... Maybe you should buy some indoor palms trees to swing in your hammock from

VG x


what a wicked idea two indoor palm trees i wonder who stocks those up here in the north scratches head wonders off looking perplexed xgins


What a good idea gins, new week, fresh start. Here in Devon it's sunny so I hope it's the same where you are. Do try and get outside and have some fresh air, I know it may be a struggle, but I think it'll be worth it..

Gentle hugs. Foggy x


morning foggy I got out it was rainy snowy but the coffee was so good at Thorntons yum xgins


Well here in Devon we've had a glorious day but I spoke to my sister in law in ghastly grim Surrey they had torrential rain. I will join you in a virtual coffee tomorrow if you like. Say 11.00 at the usual place tee hee

gentle hugs

Foggy x


what a lovely idea could we make it 4.00 I have to go to a funeral but a coffee at 4.00 would be marvelous :) xgins


Phew! For a minute, I thought you'd been computer dating, gins! :O

Moffy x


why would I date a computer? even more puzzeled than usual xgins


Be careful what you get up to in that hammock! :D


Why would you date a computer ....

It doesn't answer back

You can shout at it

It only does what you programme it to

It never moans about going clothes shopping



We all know that a man is only good for one thing - I meant to say, have you ever seen a vibrator trying to mow the lawn?


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