Five four three two one.... .... .... was this to be the long awaited night on the tiles?

To put it briefly No such luck. Another night shall I go down for tea and talk to the world there is nothing much happening here but OH making horrid grumbly grunting sounds not conducive to anything really.

So down at the table filled with pills now what I could early morning cyber shop do I need anything ? Pulls funny face No I dont need anything! I could - pulls another face - thinks for a while- dam the coffee is cold- play solitare boring! Wake some one else up read the papers I will do that next wont take long it will be the same as yeasterday.

I know look for jokes anyone got some make me laugh please xgins

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  • Morning gins .... Moffy is running today's thread please look out for it.... When she gets up... I am about to creak into the shower I haven't had my morning meds as I am trying some alternative treatment at 8.30 reiki healing ... And the person wants to see my state pre meds to see what pain is where... So will be taking my meds a little late.... You know me I,ll try anything once as long as its cheap.... So will be looking for Moffys thread for some light relief... See you shortly... Hoping for some fun today too. :)

    VG x

  • rekki is brilliantly personnally speaking it made me cry but wow it helped - just cannot do it twice a week you know pennies :) Enjoy come back let us know how you got on xxx gins

  • Ohhh that's interesting... I have an open mind .. I am pretty much up for anything that will help with neck and shoulder muscle spasms... I am not hoping for anything re the arthritis ... But am trying not to get my hopes up in case it makes absolutely no difference .... I have tried an osteo and massage

    At great expense and no help ... So when I was offered this at £15 for an hour I thought lets I've it a go.. :)

  • Ps was it you climbing on my bungalow roof in the dawn light or was it a rather large seagull tap dancing


  • I havenot put my tap shoes on since I was 15 hehe I would sound like a herd of eles xgins

  • And shuffle hop step ball change!

  • Oh Gins, you sound a bit down today. I don't like to think of you feeling like that......anything I can do to help? X

  • thanks charlie been back to bed for twenty mins feel much better now :) Are you ok xgins

  • We are sitting waiting for moffy and her silly thread ... Hopefully that will cheer us up ... Mornin Charlii :)

  • Morning VG, hope you are ok x

  • Hi Gins. I have not put on tap shoes since I was fourteen, I wish...................would love to join a tap group but feet will not allow it. We can still watch fred and ginger and tap in our heads though. I have an extra load of pills at the mo three lots of anti biotics for h pylori gut bug, prescribed after endoscopy. Very confusing as one lot with food,the other an hour before and the others four times a day. having to make a chart.

  • Oh xginsyou poor thing sounds rotten hope you get well soon

  • specially for gins.

  • Thanks so much if only eh makes me chuckle just to watch them and her trousers wow would love to wear them :) xgins

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