Morning All Fancy Coming to the Fibro Fete

What a Fete worse than death

oh no you can all take part - it should be a lark so the tents are up the first round in the big ring is the showing of the fancy dress parade.

What will you be- I am coming as Madam Pompadour lost fake eye lashes and a big hair hat thing.

Moffy what will you be do you fancy Alice in wonderland no just tell us what

San you know you no not the divers suit how about (whispers of stage)........

Cookie are you a clown? No tell me what...........

Della what about you

join in folks Mdaisy will doo the judging for the most creative outfit and wonderous name

Judging at 6.00 lots of time

All welcome

Pets too although not a Zoo

Oh nearly forgot whos doing the catering -but please not sardine and chocolate sarnies!

The last ones made us fart

I shall keep popping in so keep it coming guys!

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  • Who are you coming as??????? Oooh errrr Mrs well you can if you like Step this way have some fun today

  • Need some peeps to man the stalls, woman the lifeboats, whatever..

    oh and someone to Open the Fibro-Fete... hmmm let me ponder this over a cuppa :)

  • Brilliant who do you reckon dont know how about - marvelous thanks fibro fog completely blank I can see faces but I have no names my silly mind - how about Julian Fellows of Downtown fame or Lord Major Boris or that witty kitty of Fabulous fame help required come on down xgins

  • How about Joanna Lummly of ad fab fame. Dawn French would be funny ok we need to choose one win or loose

  • Calling all stall holderrs claim your stall - Dog just come has been rolling in pig poo oh and I have no sense of smell clothes pegs to the fore

  • Morning - lets really liven things up and open the fete with a bang / I suggest" Christian Grey " from 50 shades ;-) apparently he's up for anything ~~~~~!!!!!! :-)

  • certainly a bang or something equally tastefull I will get my whip and boots ready"


  • ?? Be careful - we don't want to risk a "flare up" ????

  • ?? Be careful - we don't want to risk a "flare up" ????

  • Bearess oh you are a one a flare up never entered my mind Still you never know might be worth it LOL

  • Hi there all yes I'm the clown ill be having to bring me brolly tho it's peeing down here, ill bring the garlic bread and tiny jersey potatoes, ill just pop over to jersey for em won't be long, and if u like ill run the bitsa stall, wiv bits o this and bit o that, ill even put in me ole feather hat, what do we get thi show on the road, come on gins where are u I've looked all over this field for you nd no where can I see a striped cow, oops maybe I'm in the wrong field xx

  • Billiant cookie you will make a good clown no offence intended. I amind the pats oops m here the beautiful cow in the show ring about to do the gersey dance one two put your best foot forward mind those pats Oh pat where are you........

  • How's it go, one two buckle my shoe three four knock at the door five six pick up sticks seven eight...oooohhhhh gins MIND THAT GATE, oops too late, now u have a black n green stripe on your head to match the red n white ones on your back, u silly moo cow, have a snickers, there is that better, right so come on where to next, where's bearess gone, bet she's with that fifty shades of grey fella, ( Dee hiding her face of envy ) lol x

  • Man the stall woman the tents what are you coming as who will be duo for front and back of horse?

    We have one cow come on roll up roll up fill the posts

  • Well! I don't really know what to come dressed up as!! What have you got left for a BBW?? I thought of coming as a fairy elephant but I'm not sure now.....I could woman one of the long as I don't have to stand!! Oh, decisions, decisions!!! :-)

  • I'm coming dressed up as a moth. Ooh err - 'ang on a minit - I am a moth! :(

    Heads for ice cream stall

    Moffy x

  • Ice cream icecream yumm I love ice cream follows Moffy watch you dont slip on the cow pats!

  • ok folks - I'm here at last :O (one helluva cuppa that was!) I'm Boadicea in case you can't tell - in my Sunday frock (leather chafes a bit :( ) - and best chariot (saves walking!) the one with the little bells on, and... oh where is everybody? Am I too early? Guess I'll head over to the R&R tent - the next biggest to the Big Top in any good Fibro Fete :) hang on I can see a rather strange gathering coming across the field...

  • ice cream, cow pats, fairy elephant - sooo cute - whip & boots and a striped cow dressed as a Madame-somethingorother, a lovely moth as... Tinkerbell? and that must be a clown judging by the size 30's under that umber-Ollie? Guess I'm in the right place :D

  • here I am! I'm on the segway stall and no, I'm not robin hood, I'm peter pan!

    I've also got the candy floss machine warming up :P yum!


    Segways are those 2 wheeled wonders, they look scary but once you're on they're grrrrreat :D

  • what a brilliant method of travel please can I have two one for the front half and one the back mooody it wouldnt work sobs enourmous tears

  • Wanders in looking befuddled - no change there then, oh lovely. Last time we had a fete of this proportion I was appointed to be the person fired out of the canon, oh boy, I'm soooooo relieved we're carrying on, it's been a long time stuck down here waiting for action. I will just dash off and whip up a swift batch of ice cream, all this talk of cow pats has given me a cunning idea, can't tell you what cos I've already forgotten it......hmmmmmmm......... exits stage left and promptly falls into a carefully positioned cow pat......... come on gins, give us a chance ;-) ;-)

  • so do tell what is your cunning plan? whipe your face and tell us all or at least me though sandra would like to know too

  • Decides to enter the fancy dress as a pink elephant, one with a "satiable curtiosity" and a crocodile in tow

  • does the croccodile have an alarm clock tick tock tic tic tic

  • Yes he does and he's pulling on the Elephant Child's nose !!!!

  • what has 4 hanger downers two sticker uppers and a swisher?

  • You :-) :-) hehehehe

  • correct the prize goes to foggy (applause please)

  • Rand R calling be back soon I promise :) xgins

  • SEGWAY!!!! Stuff the chariot - so last millennium - gaaaaangwaaaayyyy!!!!

    Gins - you shall go to the ball - on a Segway, or two... we'll help won't we gang?

  • I've managed to put a trailer on the back of a segway gins, care to give it a go?

  • Hang on a minute San, the last time you and I got together with a "trailer" it was a runaway caravan which ended up in Moffy's front garden, in pursuit of a curry, around Easter time, do you recall ? Hehehehe

  • try not to since the trauma counselling ended :D

  • And it worked??? ;-) ;-) no wonder I'm such a mess. :o

  • thanks guys I am ready :):)

  • Takes bows and applause with great alacrity :-) :-) :-)

  • Okay how are we doing I am just about to jump in your trailer San how brilliant where shall we go can we go fast enough to kick up a stirrr :)

  • now you know you're not supposed to knock a bobby's hat off with your tail :O

    thankfully, telling them my name was robin hood & not peter pan helped - fancy the bobby being from near sherwood forest!

    anyway, with a slap of my thigh, I'm off to the fancy dress competition.


  • Della you fancy claiming a title for fancy dress we still need Eduard Scissor hands not forgetting Baby price George.

    Do join in we are mad and frantic come and join our weird antic!!!!!

  • (deep sigh) Johnny Depp?! was he here to open the fete? and I missed him - goes off to sob on someone's shoulder...

  • he was to bizzy being a pirate

  • Nearing the time for all entries to be in for the Fancy Dress parade judging at 6,00 fifteen minutes and counting get of that sedgeway San and lead the troops in to the ring. Mind the Daleks thats it oh I am not sure his plunger should be there .....

    Time is going down the bookies are betting on the clown over Boudicia who appears to be riding a strippy cow 12 mins and counting any last entries?

  • Times up who did Mdaisy select we shall have to waiit and see with baited breadth how long will she take ...............

  • woooooo!!!!!!! hoooooo!!!!! yeeeeee haaaaaaa!!!!

    Daleks? :O

  • Can Mdaisy make her mind up quick cos I've held my breath for the last 20 mins and am going a funny colour and feeling a bit woozy :o :o :o :o

  • oops I am late on my judging duties..... that's that gins moo mooing chattering away , she really is a gossiping cow (lol) ! (no pun or disrespect intended)

    So, let me see did Moffy dress up in something more inventive than a Moth in the end..... tut tut....... been flying to close to light bulbs again! and what's than San up too. Jumps on said colourful cow for a lift over to the judging area !

    Let me see........ rubs chin while looking at all the fancy dress contestants ....

  • ???????????????????????

  • Could you please hurry up, I've rung the funeral directors as am about to expire And the Guiness book of Records for longest breath held title, especially for one dressed as a pink elephant so as you dow extremely long dose to hold breath with :o :o

  • well?! is it over? held my breath too long.......................... :p

  • GPlease breath I will check with Daisy when I getr San off my back whoo get off gel you is shor digging your heel in .

  • Mdaisy has been kidnapped so in my Cowpacity I declare it a draw so gett drawing doodle oodle all over xxx the cow with attitude :) :)

  • Jumps off Gins and Thanks her for the ride over to be the judge. Whilst jumping off takes off a cloak to reveal her outfit being Superwoman was thinking about Princess Leia but realised last minute could not pull of the Gold bikini therefore saving you all from a fete worse than death ! The corset on the superwoman yes string that up tight ... you'll be fine ..... doesn't matter about breathing or that your voice sounds like a very tiny mouse. Carry on regardless !

    So being that we are all Super Woman being strong everyday and yet still having the time to help others in our community with words of comfort, places to get help and generally ' a good bunch' we yes I am going to say the 'we are all winners'

    But.....I am going to commit to saying Boadicea as the Winner as she was a strong lady and I did pinch her cloak to hide my squishy bits!!

    Well Done to Frangi-pan ! :)

  • Wow, thanks! Feel like I've been given a gold medal :) ... rides off on her Segway with Johnny Depp and with tell-tale ice cream splodges down her front... glad the cloak helped Mdaisy :D

  • pink eleplumps pink eleplumps yawn its better than counting sheep !

  • thanks for a lovely day gins! Been to bed and back up again ho-hum so think the eleplumps a good idea... (sings) pink eleplumps on the ceiling, pink eleplumps on the floor, pink thingies.... somewhere, di da di da di da.... x

  • Do I get a sticker for being 2 people at once?

  • Only if I can be Tinkbell and get out of this corset ! yes a tutu and sparkly pink flying would avoid the land mine cow pats !

  • sorry I missed the end of fete fibro peeps, I got lost in Jersey looking for the new jersey potatoes to go with the garlic bread, but cant find that now either, oh my I am in a state, ooohh sugar just stepped in that doggone cow pat, cant see a damn thing in this dark, GINS< FRANGI_PAN, SANDRA, MDAISY,FIBROGOGGIEST, U HERE, anyone HERE, cor this shouting has made my throat sore, oh well guess u must have all gone home, only one thing for it, Dee heads off home for nice cuppa with a tot of whisky in it, cant stand the stuff really........

  • garlic bread anyone? I found it by a cow pat... :D

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