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ATOS on wednesday!!!!

I have finally got my dreaded assessment next wednesday. To say I am bricking it is putting it mildly!! I have been to one before so know what they do. Last time I went to the assesment centre in Luton which is on the 6th floor. I can't go there this time because if there is a fire I can't get down the stairs quickly. I'm now going to Milton Keynes, hope they are nicer although I doubt it!! I haven't asked for it to be recorded, I'm just going to record it on my iphone.

The annoying part is I can retire next year in September, what is the point? By the time I get my result and appealed it will probably be September.

If anyone has any tips I would be really grateful. Wish me luck, I'll need it!!! Val xx

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Hi Val

Have you got the Benefits&Work guides? If not, email info@fibroaction.org and I'll send them over.




No I haven't Linz. I will e-mail you, thank you. xx


The very best of luck to you... Please let us know how you get on & what sort of things they get you to do. I do hope the other place is better for you & that you manage to delay any sort of decision until after your plans to retire have taken place!!! I've been reading that they are taking anywhere up to 6 months to make a decision then you can appeal...

I also believe that they won't allow you to record the assessment unless you provide state of the art recording system that records two recordings (like the police) at one time. You also need to provide a "sound man" and THEN get the permission of the doctor assessing you. From what I've read on here this is then denied even if you go to the extreme lengths of meeting all their other unreasonable demands!!

Anyway. We'll be waiting to hear how you get on but until then I'll be thinking of you.

Gentle hugs. xx


I must admit I didn't think they would allow me to record it. Maybe I'll ring on monday and ask if they can record it!! I'm sure it will go to appeal. Thanks for your comment. xx


ATOS do have recording equipment but there are only 11 units to cover the whole of the UK. Guess what (surprise, surprise) they are all currently supposedly in for repair. They are supposed to be getting more in but I think it's a case of don't hold your breath!

You can get smart phone apps that will record covertly but you can only use the information to take notes later as the recording is not admissible in court (ie tribunal).


Every good wish ~ just be yourself & try to not get defensive or cross (very difficult I know).



Good luck for Wednesday - I'd def get the benefit and work sheets as they are a brilliant insight into the mark scheme the ATOS doctors grade you on.

Julie xx


Linz has very kindly e-mailed me the relevant parts so I shall read and inwardly digest between now and wednesday. Just hope my brain fog doesn't kick in!!

Val xx


WHY do they arrange things like this in buildings with stairs and no lift?? I had to attend Plymouth jobcentre where there was no lift and they made appointments for me UPSTAIRS, when they knew Id been on long term sick for years and after Id specifically asked to be seen downstairs. They dont want to help at all, do they?? Anyway,good luck. x


I know what you mean, but there is a lift but they said if there was an emergency you can't use the lifts!! Health and safety!! The thing is I went to that assessment centre last time and nobody said anything. I'm hoping Milton Keynes might be luckier for me!! We live in hope. Val xx


Take a witness with you. It will be over soon enough. Mine was a sham as in report he accused me of wanting to be disabled but having no medical evidence as to illness! (I have piles of specialist reports documenting what I actually have but he didnt read them) Dont forget, treat them with the contempt they diserve as most of them are failed doctors suitable only for a career based on lies. Hang in there and have a great retirement.

warm thoughts NN :)


Little to add to the advice above but would like to wish you the very best of luck xx


Thank you, thats lovely. I will let everyone know how i get on. Watch this space!!! x


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