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Be ATOS aware!

As I'm sure we're all aware - ATOS are a bunch of horrible little people who don't want to help, only bully us and toss us back in to work, even if we aren't up to it.

I'm due to get an appointment with them any day now, and decided to do my research. I managed to stumble across the handbook they use which tells you not only how you will be assessed and viewed, but also the tricks they use to 'catch you out', and twist your words against you.

For example, if you claim to have pain issues, but are capable of hanging your coat up and sitting down without displaying pain when you walk in to the appointment with them - it tells the assessor to be suspicious of that!

When they ask about your daily life and you mention you sometimes pop to the shops for a pint of milk or a loaf of bread...they will take that as you are capable of physical activity, and therefore working.

So, everyone, when your turn comes, make sure you've read this thoroughly, and made a mental note of what not to say so as they can't bully you in to working before you're ready!

Take your time, it's 180 pages long, don't overwhelm yourself and attempt it all in one sitting.

Gentle hugs all round x

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Went for a blue bade assessment was not really surprised that they video's you from arriving at the centre to leaving luckily I was having a bad day with my sciatica and could hardly move after the assessment I had to rest in the waiting room before going home I got the badge


Thank you for sharing this. Also you can request they do a home visit, our nearest office is upstairs in a building with no lift so obviously if you can get there your deemed fit enough to get around. I wish you the best of luck. X


That looks very useful, thank you.

Take care



Thank you for this.

I have already been refused DLA and they insisted that I could walk & function normally without ever assessing me!

I will soon be made redundant (having reduced my working hours over time from full time to only 3hrs a day from home and struggling to do that). So I will have to apply for ESA and PIP.

I'm amazed that anyone can claim successfully looking at the criteria and this handbook. According to online assessments I have completed, as I can use mobility scooter I therefore do not need help with mobility, even though I can't walk more than few meters with stick. & they don't take into account that I can no longer drive & can't get scooter on & off public transport, so can't get to place of work! And even if they could magic me there, I'd have no energy left & be in too much pain to do anything.

There's no where I can find on the assessment that they take into account pain levels or fatigue.

This is not helped by fact that my GP fobs me off or laughs at me so I have no medical person to back up my claim.

I'm feeling very scared about having to face this process and the prospect of losing our home (as we will no longer be able to pay mortgage). :0(


you need to change your gp to one that is helpful as you really need them on your side with your health problems


Thank lilian, I know, but not sure how to find a Fibro friendly one


surely there should be one if not more who actually knows about fibro & is aware how this is affecting you speak to practice manager if there is not one it is a cause for complaint ,hope you can get sense out of them keep us posted good luck & hugsxx


Thanks. I saw all 5 GPs at surgery before diagnosed & all insisted I was just depressed (constant pain & fatigue tend to do that to you). It was a locum who diagnosed me & finally got referal to Rheumy. Had to see private specialist to get any help but unfortunately he passed away. Think I will need to change surgery to get new GP. xxx


you don't seem to have much luck with your gps some are recommended on this site as i have a very good gp after making this comment a few times was asked the doctors name and practice


The problem is if we have trouble sitting down for long periods , we have a tendency to keep sat , don't , get up every minute or so , if they ask you to get on the couch tell them you cant , and wont , even if its not in your nature to do certain things , do it , these people are heartless , treat them as such , they have no sympathy for you , do the same , tape your interview , they lie , but if you have it on tape , you have a bonus point , we are all treated as liars , but like I say these people are the liars , but the biggest travesty is when they call themselves , health professionals .


I wasnt even been able to get as far as an assessment before.

When I try again I will use our local disability agency & hopefully they will be able to guide me through x


Hi all,

off for my ESA assessment on the 22md May only put my forms in last June so it has take nearly 1 year. they will only assess me on the information on the form and not how i am now which i thnk is wrong it is not my fault it took them 11 months to call me in. i have requested that the assessment be recorded and will check the morning of my assessment to make sure the equipment is there if not they will havr to re arrange the appointment as i am not prepaired to go through with the assessment as i know what snakes in the grass these people are. call themselves health care proffesional they are not the are the goverment puppets.

i am taking my daughter with me and she does not suffer fools she is the type of person where a spade is a spade and will argue the toss when she knows she is right. lucky for me she works in a docotors and has discussed my symptoms with r and she thinks that i have fibro and has given my daughter the heads up on the condition.

i am off to see my own gp on the 12 and will ask for a refural to rheumatology so that i can find out what is going on and causing me all this pain. she had said that i had to wait for the results of my lates MRI well that has come back and i have been discharged from the hospital as they cannot find anything wrong with my back legs or hips.



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