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I have an atos medical in march, i can't cope with the stress. I'm already in support group i dont understand why im having a face to face, I think they'll try and get me out of support group and then i'll lose my esa because my husband works. Stress and weather especially rain affects me I'm having a bad flare up now. I need advice on how to handle my atos medical. All this is too stressful, i want to work again. I was a chef for 20 years but it's too hard for my body to take. I tried going to college and have level 2 counselling but can't afford to get level 3 or 4. Please advise what to do, Gentle hugs. X

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  • that is interesting you cannot cope with stress. I thought it was just me. Take care

    Karen xxx

  • Hi stress causes big flares and also weather changes, when it rains I'm in total full body agony, but I try and carry on regardless. Gentle hugs take care. X

  • Yes I totally agree. I like to be organised as possible it helps me xxx

  • Hi there if I were you id write down a list of things that you do differently like how you prepare food can you stand do you need to rest legs this sort of thing . Things that effect your life different from how you used to; Also yes you can tell them all bout the pain but what causes it try to write down things you do and how it affects you. This is about the most I can offer you for help and support. There will be other things to like does your memory effect you do you need prompts etc. Really hope this helps. OO and especially any medical evidence you can have with you to verify conditions and name of agency's they may not have, that supports you and can be contacted. Really hope this helps and please take care the fibro a terror to deal with Liz x

  • Thankyou 😊

  • Hi The only thing I can suggest is maybe looking on the benefits and work website for any information or guides to help you. Try not to stress to much, I wish you all the best.

    Take care Sue

  • Yes would also recommend B & W. Also, you can ring them and ask for the criteria you were put in the support group. So then you know how to show you still meet that criteria.

  • Agreed.

    Be yourself. Lay it on with a trowel but don't lie to do it. Tell it as it is when you're lowest. If you can get a seat with arms in the waiting room, use it and push yourself out of it. It's amazing what they take notes on. You can take someone with you. Take notes with you and make notes at the meeting may help.

    I have a meeting Friday. You don't get the result straight away.

    Hugs XX

  • Hi panther237

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with your assessment, and I have passed on your request for benefits and advice sheets to our CEO.

    Good luck


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