Medical Assessment with Atos!!!!

Well, I finally got there, after I'd had to cancel twice & so had they. lol. Wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was going to be, but still got very stressed out & ended up coming home & going to bed. Still feeling the after effects through-out my body today :( So, now I have to wait for DWP to get in-touch to tell me whether I can continue to claim E.S.A. or if they think I'm fit for work & have to go back onto job seekers. Also, due to go back to doc's next week so have to see if she feels I'm fit for work or signs me off sick. What happens next?????? Who knows????? lol

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  • Hi I had my medical 3 months ago and still havent heard the result and I have rang up loads but still no news hope you get your results sooner Sue x

  • Thanks, Sue. It took 3 month to finally have an appointment that didn't get cancelled. lol. been told to ring if not herd in 2 weeks. Also, due back to doc's to see if she thinks I'm able to go back to work or signs me off again. Hope you still getting your benefits, while they (D.W.P. staff) get paid to push paperwork from pillar to post & then lose it. Gone are the days of 1 person handling your case from start to finish. Hope you get the result that you want, hun. Keep smiling :)

  • good luck everyone going for there medical.hate them and hate atos.....

  • Thanks, hun. Hate the whole damn process. Feels like they don't believe us or our GP's about our health. Does what our GP's say not count for anything these days??? Doesn't seem to as far as the D.W.P. are concerned :(

  • That's the trouble with these bods they don't see the aftermath of attending the medicals and the tribunals, We have to attend and push ourselves to get through these things as that is what we have to do to try and get our benefits, but they don't care if it takes us a week to get over the ordeal. Most of us have worked for some of our lives or bought up family etc. do they think we enjoy putting ourselves through these indignities for the little gained if we could carry on working.

  • Sorry should have wished you luck CrazyCaz before the full on rant xx

  • That's OK. Glad I'm not the only one who enjoys a good rant. LOL

    Hope your OK :)

  • Totally agree!!!! The whole process is an ordeal we could do without. I would much rather be able to work, than in the constant pain I'm in & on the cocktail of drugs I have to take. The same as other FM suffers. Don't they realize, we don't chose to have this condition, we just have to learn to live with it.

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