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had to share this lol

i just wrote this on someone elses blog but had to share it aswell

thought it might give you a laugh lol :)

i just had to go up the high school for my daughter it was options evening ,had to take my stick which i hate ,and i saw this lady that i havnt seen in a long time

i got the " oh what have you done "

my usual reply "nothing ,i have fibromyalgia "

then she says "whats that "

i then exsplane in a quik reply the best i can

she then says "well you look good on it "

OMG ! its not somthing ive taken you numpty !

well ofcourse i didnt say that i just smiled sweetly and walked away lol

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hahaha what's she like!!

Well we cant be too harsh, I dont think its anyway near as bad as:

" oh dont you look well"

My special reply is "I've had plenty of time to practise my disguise"

well it makes me feel better!!! even if they dont quite know what to say!

what a great big meany I am haha


thats a good one lol xxx


I did laugh Lynz, the woman thinking it was a pill or something. It made me wonder if she was on something because it's such a strange thing to say.

I get the 'you look well' response all the time. I go out only to my Dad's, the doctor and the hospital but when I bump into people with my stick, I get the same annoying things said. I say 'well I hope so, I was up at 6 am this morning to try to make myself look normal'.

I like traylou's answer about the 'disguise' and will try the 'don't judge a book.........' too.

It's great that we can still have a sense of humour - sometimes it saves my life!

Christine xxx


Doh ! Some people eh ?

Reminds me of when my autistic son was little and prone to having melt downs in public. I got tired of trying to explain to disapproving people ( normally little old ladies ) that he was autistic and not just naughty , he looked so " normal " you see.

I felt like getting him a t-shirt with " I'm autistic " printed on the front !



yes i think from now on i shall take sighn and hang it on my stick ,

or a t shirt that says on the front in big letters



and then on the back it will say



HAHAHA do you think we could get a patent for them lol


* like * !



Haha, thats a good one, i like it xxxxx


Haha loving these comments, its so true what you are saying though!. You have to laught don't you otherwise you would cry!!. xx


I have the issue when the person I am talking to tries to write it down the millions of ways they have tried to spell the words, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, fibrous dysplasia. Good luck I say, I've had to learn the spelling too and keep them in my memory bank, as well as the understanding what the words mean. I have people look at me and say 'Oh!, well you look good, why are you not in a wheelchair?'... ARGGGGGGHHHHHH Goes through my mind but my words are 'I get by the best I can and yes the crutches help, and the wrist splints yes they help they are not necessarily to keep my hands warm!' x


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