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I always want to laugh when i write collapsed in a heap as if i had collapsed in a heap i would be in a worse state than i was before i was in the heap if you get what imean as if i was in a heap i would be all culed up and crunched up and would be worse for me lol would be in so much pain so it is a funny statement for us fibros to put when you weigh it up !????

How sad at 4 am i am disecting thiong like that when most normal people are in bed asleep arghhhh

oh well gives you all something to thinkabout and maybe come up with some other sayings that are odd to say ???????????????

i often say when i see a little child between 1 and 3 look at that little dot doing that ! "DOT" thats a funny way to talk about little toddler and my partner now uses it oo lol he wen to golf yestrerday an he came back saying there were some little kids all learning golf today he said i am talking about real little DOT'S lol i just thought when he said it thats a funny term

so see if you can come up with any that you use that is your mission for the day lol

locve to you all Diddle xxxx

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I once told my carer to put the thingy on the. Oojing so that the whatsit. Can doodflab. And the worrying thing about it is that she understood perfectly does that indicaTe. That she. Is fluent

In gibberish ? Or that she had to learn it from me ......


Think we all crazy lol bet we all thinkin how crazy wwe are trying think of crazy things tto say oooops see CRAZY lol xx


Hehe Diddles

I use funny terms too

Thingymabob is one like faded blossom,

Or wotsit and bot bot for babies bottles. Many more things too.

I cannot get on here much or you lot would hear from me every day! Xx

Gentle fluffy huggles


My main one is I`m doodly ally tat.Oojit,thingamebob,them there thingies,there`s loads.And it is amazing how people understand.

Hugs Butterfly54xxxx


Haha mine is oujimaflib!!!! and the do da

Whata funny lot we are!!!!#

Hugs x x x x x


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