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Had my Medical Assessment yesterday..not good...was in a lot of pain. Could'nt do the Physical movements because of the pain and that was at the Assessors suggestion that maybe l opt out of that bit as she could see l was in pain. If they now tell me l am fit to go back to work then l can only assume that this gov'nmt(UK) has instructed that all should be back at work unless of course they are DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • well lets hope you get the news that you are unfit!! if only these assessors could endure our pain for just 1 day then perhaps they would understand what we have to cope with everyday without a break xx

  • Hi Sue, im sure they will say your unfit for work. As she told you to stop. All these test they put people threw is bad. Good luck tho hun. Hug & love to you xx

  • Thanks julieshrive, just had a quick read and bookmarked as it is a bit of a 'trawl' for me at present.

  • Hi, Sue, if you get a letter saying you can work, get intouch with Welfare Rights in your area. They will do an appeal for you and will attend with you if necessary. Also I have put information on my blog regarding this booklet (it a lot of pages, but you have an index on it so read what is relevant to you. Good luck - I have been through it and this government has got a lot to answer too.x

  • i hope you get passed,its terrible having to go through all sure if your paralysed but can talk they would still assess &say go to work,reading up on esa i think they expect everyone to go to work,they must be inhuman!good luck sue keep fingers x for you x

  • keep us posted hon! take it easy xx

  • lol yeah that is so true thing is even if yoiu do the moves it kills you the next day love to you diddle x

  • That sounds about right Sue, at least if you are dead there is nothing they can do to make you work then is there!!. Hope it all goes well for you and you get a good outcome. Love Angela xx

  • Hope you get the right outcome, Sue

    Hugs x x x

  • For every person from ESA or incapacity benefit, they (from the assesors board) put back into work they receive £70 in their wages. The system stinks.

  • why does that NOT surprise me!!!l did actaully wonder if they got 'commission' on every person they got into the 'dole queue' cos its half the amount of Benefit!!!!

  • This sounds awful, but even dead people have been declared fit for work.

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