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I was put in the Wrag Group but decided to appeal but in Nov 2012 I was put into the support group without having to go to an appeal. Today I received a letter from Atos and I have to fill in another bloody form and start again. Can they do this? I had injections for my back in dec 2012 and have proof of that plus I am going back for more. I to have fibro, severe depression, disc degeneration, osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue. I just feel like giving up I have no more energy to keep fighting these people.

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  • Hi Welshgold,

    I don't think you need to get worried - it's probably just a paper exercise because of the new Universal Benefit coming in next month. You could write and ask for a home visit if you're too ill to go to an examination, and don't forget that CAB will always be available to help you with forms. Best of luck, anyway!

    Moffy x

  • hi Ladymoth

    Thanks for replying you could be right there I hadn't thought of the Universal benefit. I have been online and lots of other people are having to fill the forms in again after only just being put in the support group. I am going to ring them Monday and see what is going on and have been compiling all my evidence once again and numbers to ring on Monday for advice.

    Thanks again



    Just read the letter I received today its states that its for people who may be on Incapacity benefit or income Support or severe disablement that they have to reach certain requirements or their benefit will not be converted to ESA and stopped!

    Well I have been on ESA for a year so really confused by this now. I am wondering if anyone has received a letter like this if so could you please advise me as to what it means please? I think I must be really thick or something.

  • Hi, I got one of those letters too. My son called them and asked what it was about. They said everyone will get this letter if on ESA/ incapacity. It's to keep everyone the same for this changeover. Xxxx

  • Ok thanks, does this mean I have to fill it in and start the process again?

  • I font think do as you've done that already? I think,LOL. If not then u would have too. We keep photocopies of every form we complete now. Makes life a lot easier when the dreaded forms fall through the letterbox again. Iwe only add the new stuff I've been diagnosed with. Hope this helps as I know what its like trying to fill in the fors. Take

  • I thought u had filled in the form. Yes you will def need too.

  • Yeah filled in the forms been for the medical put in the WRAG group went to appeal they changed their decision and now I am in the support group. What I don;t understand is why I have to fill this form in again to convert as they put it to ESA when I have already been migrated over.

  • We were told everyone would recieve one. It's because not everyone was migrated to ESA. Personally I think its a huge waste of resources and more stress on the applicant. Guess its to difficult to check who has and hasn't been switched. When I won my.appeal last year I got a letter telling me how.much I was due backdated the day after I got a new form to complete. Crazyyyy. Xxx

  • Oh god what a mess! Think I will ring them and tell them I have already been switched over and have been for ages. If they are gonna do this they should be doing so correctly or not at all. Gonna get my solicitor on to it too. I am not going through that again, just because they cannot be bothered to check. I was never told that I would receive a letter like this. Many thanks for getting back to me though I appreciate it.


  • Sam, we didn't think I'd need to fill it in either but we were told we had too. Hate the thought of the stress you'll grow through just talking to them. Seriously I get so worked up I feel like I'm going to pass out. I wish you all the best though. Good luck with them. Xxx Sheena

  • Thanks Sheena take care now. I will update when I have some news. xx

  • That's what they want us to get so I'll and tired from it all we can't fight back..I'm getting to that point to like my council tax £15 a week £60 a month I have to appeal my gas and electric are £60 a month and I didn't pay it this month cos I needed where am I gonna get £60 extra a month from? I'm at giving b12''''but up point but if I do they win..can't let them win.

  • I have a £200 gas and electric bill for 6 weeks and cant pay it most of this is gas and i only had it on for 2 hours a day I hadn't set up a DD as i was in the middle of transferring now pay £60 a month but having money deducted from all benefit for overpayment £17.65 a week from income support. What i don't get if i am given income support because i need it how can they deduct half of it as it makes it that i as they say don't have enough to live in which is why i get it in the first place. I've had the letters regarding PIP and that i probably won't be assessed until 2015 as i have DLA etc. indefinitely. I had a meeting a couple of years ago regarding transferring to ESA but my benefit is still called incapacity so what was the point. If anyone saw the gentleman on the tv the other night he had had 5 heart attacks has had some limbs amputated and may have to have more amputations and they said he is fit for work. But he wasn't seen by anyone it was all done by post no assessment it was ridiculous and i think things are going to get worse before they get better.

  • Hi my sister was sent another form within six months of her award she rang DWP and they checked and said she should not have been sent it and to ignore the form....might be worth ringing them up. Good luck XH

  • Hi

    Thanks for the message, I am kind of hoping that to be honest:) Gonna ring them in the morning. It seems a bit weird to be sent a letter advising of conversion when they have already changed me from IB to ESA.

    Thanks Sam xx

  • Your welcome Sam, good luck I dont think the right hand has a clue that the left one exists xx XH

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