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are holidays worth it?

my body was aching before we went away and steadily got worse and worse. looking after two over active boys and all those dogs did for me. I tried to have a good time, then we went to the beach at paignton and i got cold - well you know what happens then! then two days later we went to looe where it was reasonable - or should i say i was sensible and took extra clothing, putting it on immediately i arrived. That night i was given a pasta meal - well thats ok it is a regular of mine, and custard for pud. THAT WAS IT!! lactose overload. my body rebelled, hurt all over severe stomach pains and next morning evacuation anyway it could! (sorry to be so specific) i was travelling to a.n. other house after and was i glad to arrive! with only water for 24hours curled up in bed with my trusty fleece blanket and plenty of paracetemol available. when i awoke the world was a brighter place but still not 100%. my ribs are sore and still get painful twinges in the stomach and cannot eat more than 1/3 tin soup at once. no more lactose for a while then?

I hope this finds you all well and pain under control. :) xxx

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oh bless you ,how rubbish :) sorry your holiday didnt go to plan ,

sending you lots of hugs xx


thank you Lynz, here you have had your "problem" too - silly man!

soft hugs to you too. xxx


managing to keep soup down! (not a creamy one) and i can eat cake!

thanks Chris xxx


Last holiday I had was 1996. All the hustle and bustle at aiport. Getting stressed building up to it. Not being able to get around like I used to, sleeping in strange beds who you dont know have been sleeping in before you, moquito bites leaving me with bandaged legs and spending at least a day in bed during every holiday with a bad stomach. Thought bugger this for a lark so decided that as I wasnt enjoying going on holiday and putting myself through all that stress well it just wasn't worth it. Used to be counting the days to come home, lay in my lovely bed and overlook all the allotments which my house backs on to was far preferable and was Bliss...... Dont stop my hubby from going away for a few days now and then and he always takes one of out grand kids with him. thought it was just me at first being "odd" as I thught everyone enjoyed going on holiday but have spoken to a few people who think the same as me and besides there's no more arguments when he wants to do one thing and I another. No, give me my comfy home my little garden (although I;m not able to do it now).my TV and dont pressurise me to do things I cant do and I,m happpy. Really cheap are'nt I.

Holidays - you can keep them. Maybe I'd feel different if I was well enough though.


i usually take my "home from home" camper, but there is no where to park it near the relatives' house. we took the car this time but I think we will have to get the car made into a trailer so we can take it with us then we can use a camp site and eat our own food. no you are not but neither are holidays and if they give you grief they are a waste of money.

i am still coming to terms with the severerity of my illnesses which have all reared their ugly heads in the last 3 years one at a time. ie AF,Fibro,IBS. finding triggers, noticing signs, eating the right stuff, making sure I have clothing for winter even during the summer, when to rest and most important when to say NO! which you are obviously able to do now. What an isolated life we lead! soft hugs xxx


Thanks for answering so quickly. Know exactly how you feel as I have been there and that is one of the reasons I gave up on going away. Husband wanted to buy a taveller but am too far gone now to be travelling as I also seem to have lost interest and he,d be giving me running commentaries everywhere we went, He is very well read, in fact we're comlete opposites. I know the diet thing is another. I love all the things you're not supposed to eat. Have finally managed to kick chocolate and coffee altogether and also cheese.there's been a packet of Snickers on top of fridge for a week now Miss my little tipple though. Face goes like a turkey cock with just a sip.

Have only recently learned to say NO. in fact had to decline my grand-daughters fantastic wedding a month ago. I knew it would be too much for me and I may have ruined everyones day by having to get home quickly. She was annoyed at first but I told her to read this site which exalined to her just what FM and its symtpons are. She's OK now. My hubby went and gave the speech. Had a real fight with my family to get to be able to say NO, but at last I think they understand. Now dont get invited anywhere. Don't care as this is my way of coping with my illnesses, reducing the stress thus reducing the pain.

Yes we do live an isolated life but are compensated by appreciating the simple things in life which others don;t see so really that's a gift in itself.

Take care and watch what you eat.



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