IS IT WORTH IT ???????????

OK so this morning my body after hours of tossing and turning you all know how it is decided that 3,36 was a good time to get up :( well it is getting worse yesterday was 4.30 am ! and it is getting an hour earlier every day !!!! i dont think i will bother going to bed that s how it is getting i look like the walking dead and feel worn out my wrists are really aching and the base of my spine is killing me but never mind now taking my lil doggy to top of road that will wake me up that lovely fresh morning air love to you all diddle x

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  • sorry to hear you had yet another bad night sleep diddle. you must be shattered.

    i wake every 2 hours without fail and usually when i wake at 2-3am i cant get back to sleep for a couple hours or more so i find myself going bed at 5-6am for another 3 hours.

    Luckily last night because my head was so bad i put on a nice peaceful film Chocolate (johnny depp and chocolate what a fab combination lol) then with the amitryptilline, tramadol and prozac i actuall slept from midnight til 6 with just waking the once.

    My son isnt speaking to me since i yelled at him yesterday except to say thank you for doing his packed lunch. He is off to work now. I have to go to the shops to get more packed lunch stuff so that means that will be it apart from pottering (dishes etc) as walking hurts my legs so much and i get out of breath just going around the corner.

    But you try get some "me " time later. xxx

  • Sorry to see you had another unsettled night Diddle, hope the morning walk has relaxed you. My little one got me up at 630 so managed to get a good 5 hour sleep. First shift back at work today only a short 3.5 hr so shouldn't be too bad. Looking forward to trying to get some normality back after last few weeks. My back is real sore today but have just come on so think going have a bad one this month, the joys, on a positive note, live for today like there is no tomorrow and try enjoy a nice relaxing day,sending a big hug xx

  • sorry to hear you trouble with sleep is getting worse, diddle. hope you manage to fit in a powernap somewhen during the day and that your pain doesnt get worse. ditto for everyone else today x

    I was a long term insomniac (over 20 years) but I've finally hit the right combo of meds to ensure that I get roughly 6 hrs sleep, even if grabbed in increments thru the night on a bad night. last night was a good one - about 8 hours unbroken, only the third or so time that's happened since xmas, but I'm not knocking it and am hoping it's a sign of things to come!

  • Hi diddle, I feel your pain and frustration.... Yeap I was up at 4 after tossing and turning. Insomnia experts.... If there is such a thing lol say don't toss and turn get up and watch tv or have a hot drink or read, I did that this morning and can actually say at 7 Oclock went back to sleep until about 1 hr ago... Yay some sleep, I probably could have slept longer if my girls didn't come in to me and woke me lol.... My son took them down at 8 and gave them breakfast!

    Try and get some rest at some point today diddle or you will feel a lot worse tomorrow! Love and hugs!! Xx Tina

  • have you tried anything to help you sleep (definately not sleeping tablets though) you can get herbal aids for sleeping or listening to a calming CD, you can buy some them are meant for aiding sleep !! I read for about an hour before trying to sleep and this has helped me.

  • I relate really well I have had two nights of restlessness I am going to take an extra Amptrypeline tonight see if that works

  • Hi, does anyone else in the morning feel awfull if they take amptrypeline the night before,cause I work I only take on a saturday night as it takes me all day Sunday to feel human so I get at least Monday as a day off,so I end up with 1 good nights sleep a week.

  • I take amitriptylene but only take 10mg - if I take more than that I can't function the next day, don't know what time you take yours aharris18 but doc advised me to take mine at 8pm to try and lesson the 'hangover' the next day.....

  • Aww I know how you feel...I have had nights like that...or should I say early mornings...dont give up just rest when you can Diddle thats all I can say or advise but then again you know your body more than anyone else...I have a rest now when my body tells me to even during the day...otherwise I would end up worse and my FMS would just get worse! So to hell with what others think you do what you think is best for you...I often get up and read or go on the PC and play games to try and make myself tired!!! But thats me and what I do might try something else...If I lie in bed tossing I just end up waking my partner...and to be honest does not do any good at all..! So I get up and do what I can and my body is capable of! Sending you lots of gentle hugs... Bev :)

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